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hockey player

Hi, i know you work with hockey players often, any goalies? The reason i ask…i’m 6’4 around 220 lbs, so i’m not exactly the smallest goalie ever and while i take up a massive amount of area in front of the net, my lateral movement is horrible and foot speed needs a ton of work, any suggestions?

I do train several goalies, including one that is even taller than you (6’6"). I do have several lateral deplacements drills, most are described in my upcoming book, which should be available early next week in pdf format.

I might right an article about these types of drill in the near future.

Ok i will look for your book when it comes out. one more quick question, i have been lifting mainly for strength and adopted a bunch of westside principles into my workouts. So with my lack of quickness, should i cut out max effort days and just keep doing more dynamic effort work? i used to be really hung up on numbers but if its hurting my game it can take a back seat.