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Hockey Mental Prep.


Im going into jr level of my hcokey career and mental prep would be a big help , anyone have any help on this or a video or audio that could help? thx.


What are you looking for specifically?
Are there any specific issues that you are facing, or just general stuff. I've got lots.

It's good to see someone buying into the mental game at a young age, (relatively speaking). I know some coaches try and get young athletes on that track, but it is a tough sell.

Where will you be playing?



The question is very general. The topic of sports psychology is quite broad.

I've been to a few camps with sports psychologists and for me they did help. But it was free.

So yea could you be more specific with the question?


Pick up the book "The Mental Athlete" by Kay Porter

Great book and will guide you through all you will need to know about sport psychology ...geared towards use by an athlete with examples and outlines to use.

Good luck!


I have read Porter's book and there are some good concepts there, a couple of which I have incorporated with my athletes. Some seems a little out there and some takes serious mental prep just to get into. Overall, a reasonable investment.

It would be nice for you to be a bit more specific, though.



Hockey Tough by Dr. Saul Miller might be worth picking up as well.


I just basicly want to be stronger mentaly so when the games on the line or weather im in prac I still giove 100% and eacha nd everygame comes with full consistacy, and when I get 2-3 shots on goal ina game I wana make them count, im mostly a hitter 5'9 205 LBS 13% bf .


id liek to be more ready when im in game situations with alot of consistancy game in and game out, and no matter what the situation to not feel under presure.