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Hockey Is Back!


I am sooo happy that the league and the players union made a deal today. Man I miss this game.



The Owners AND players hurt a LOT of people with their greed and selfishness...

But fans really do Love the Game...so it should come back just fine...



I didn't think anybody noticed it was gone. I want to like hockey because it is dominated by whites, but I can't. It sucks.


I play hockey and love the sport but what the hell is that supposed to mean? You want to like it because it is dominated by white players- does that imply that you dont want to like other sports because there are more athletes of different race/nationalities? If so I think that is extremely sad.





I'm with you on that one! Hockey Rocks! Long live the Avalanche!


Redwings Rock!!


I agree


Go bowling---you don't see too many of those darkies in there. And seeing as I don't bowl, I won't have to put up with your sorry ass either.





Oh do tell! Or give me the link to read about it. College hockey just doesn't quite give me the same thrill the pro's do.


I like your enthusiasm. It'll make it that much sweeter when the Avs whoop the dogshit out of the maxiwings.. sorry, redwings, always get those two confused :wink:


I'm actually an Av's fan... just trying to see who I could get a rise out of.


This reminds me of a funny story in my local newspaper this morning:

"The number of babies born in the regional hospital has been rapidly increasing during May, June and July and has officials wondering if it has something to do with the NHL lockout. "There's no way to prove it, but it's just the right timing since the NHL was cancelled for the season" said Val Stewart, patient care manager in the maternal-child care ward"

They were averaging 60-80 babies a month, but starting nine months after the hockey lockout they were averaging over 100.

By the way, that is not why I am having a baby next month! My husband hates hockey, which makes him a very rare Canadian.


Actually now that you've "outed" him, the process to revoke his citzenship is under way. We must make sure he doesn't spread his anti-hockey propaganda to your seed.


That's in the Bible.

Or at least it should be.


I feel like uncle rico from napolean dynamite...

Man back in 94 when the rangers won the cup....


It would be nice to see a sport dominated by whites that doesn't suck. Hockey is lilly white but it sucks.

That's what I'm saying. I like basketball and football by the way. I live in the middle of some pretty good hockey, the Avs have won a couple of times and the DU Pioneers are really good, but I can't appreciate it. I just know that I'm gonna miss some Nuggets games because they are showing Avs games. I hope you're real happy.


What the hell are you babbling about?

What's worse is that you're still doing better than all of us in hockey country (Man, back in 93 when a Canadian Team won the cup). Luckily, all the international tournaments show who's really winning those Stanley Cups for you guys, anyway.


I like how the players held out for an entire year to get a worse deal than they were offered halfway through the season. Professional athletes are smaaaaart.


Right! If the NHL had dissolved and a new league had instead formed, I would not have been crushed. It's happened before. But I'm damn glad hockey's back! Now I can forget about that planned trip to Kazan. lol