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Hockey Gold for Canada!!!

Waahooooooooo!!! What a game!!! Canada Canada Canada!!! That was the best hockey game I have ever seen. Congrates to team Canada. Both sides played a great game. Oh…Congrates to the womens team too. :slight_smile:

nkeago: I gotta give somebody a “Gold” for Jersey design too! I bought a “Home” and “Away” one. Best design in the whole Olympics!

Your Canadian? If so what province? :slight_smile:

It looks as though they didnt stick to the old school logo they sported in game 1 vs Sweden. I would have prefered it to the one they kept to all of the other games. PS : Proud Canadian. Montreal, Canada.

I like the old time logo myself - but they lost badly in the first game and played better wearing the new logo. You know hockey - all about superstitions (sp?). Another proud Canadain - a displaced Albertain in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec.

Nope…I’m a “Yank” (do they call us “Yanks” in Canada???..or maybe something worse? :)—!!!)

Anyway…being such a national passion, I can’t IMAGINE the feeling of the Canadians as the men and women won the Gold. Congratulations!

Thanks Mufasa. Yes we are proud. As for us calling you Yanks some do. I don’t…urhhhhh okay maybe I did a few times. LOL. Most Americans I have met have been great. Alot of customers I had worked with in my old job were American and they were great guys. Not that we like everything about the States or that you like everything about Canada…for that matter we don’t like everything about Canada. Like our leaders for instance. The stupidest morons on the face of the earth. Sorry a bit frusterated. :slight_smile: