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Hockey Goalie Training

Hi, CT!

I realize what follows is a lot to ask, so please feel free to tell me to go stuff it!

I play ice hockey as a goalie, and I’m looking at various options for weight lifting to improve my on ice performance. I’ve always gravitated to your work based on your performance-driven mindset.

Currently, I’m doing your Indigo-3G HP Mass Performance program. I’ve been really enjoying this, along with the strength program provided with Indigo-3G.

Would you recommend for me to continue on this path, or is there something better suited to my goals? The Layer approach for maximum strength? A performance-based Layer?

Right now, I’d like to increase my performance, along with losing some fat. (I know the Layer system is not recommend while losing fat due to the demands of the program.)

My current hockey schedule is twice a week competitive pick-up sessions (Tusedays and Thursdays for two hours each), plus one or two practice sessions in the mornings. I’m using able to lift in the evenings on days I play hockey. However, scheduling leg workouts is always tricky.

Also, I went back to your Running Man article, and I’ve been thinking of adding in an IBUR session or possibly 400m sprints once a week to enhance fat loss. Unless this is too much.

I’ll be using Indigo-3G, Plazma, plenty of MAG-10, and Power Drive so recovery is all set.

BTW my wife and I went to a Habs game on our honeymoon this past February. Wow. What an experience (and city).

I can’t thank you enough for what you contribute!