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Hockey & Football

I’ve always wanted to talk about this, i want everyone to post what they think too, out of hockey vs. football, which onedo you think requires you to be in the utmost shape, and which one is rougher, my opinion from playing both, i would go with hockey, they are no doubt 2 rough sports, please don’t mention how rugby is the roughest…boxing etc…don’t mention those, this is strictly hockey and football, my choice is because hockey your playing on an ice surface for one, therefore when u get hit or fall, its not like grass ofcourse, it hurts, football it hurts damn bad too, especially when you get 10 big guys on piled on you, the reason of fighting in hockey, and the use of skates can spark injuries, bad ones, the sticks, it just seems there are more lethal weapons in hockey, and when i played some dickheads used them…but forget my opinion, i wanna hear all of yours and your reasons…thanks

I agree Hockey is rougher. Of course, Rubgy is by far the toughest sport around. Endurance, strength, tolerance of pain…its like a combo of hockey and football without the pads…but, I won’t mention that.

I reckon hockey is, on the whole, rougher as well as being more physically demanding although not as physically demanding as motocross. Sorry couldn’t help mentioning it :wink:

I think hockey is by far a superior sport. Every position in hockey is a skill position, where football has only a couple. As far as roughness, on a one game basis football is probably tougher on the body, but multiply that over a season and they are both pretty equal. I’ve always thought that hockey players are the best athletes of all the team sports. They require speed, strength, endurance, hand-eye coordination, and some major toughness.

I don’t know about you guys… but there is nothing more demanding mentally and physically, than crushing small QBs and Running Backs into the ground…Granted I’m biased because I play defensive right end. Furtheremore lineman have to line up against 350lb fat asses play after play. In football there is no pussy footing around in hockey there is. In hockey there usually isn’t any guys that can sit on you and crush you. In football there is always that guy who calls you princess… I think the answer is obvious.

Hockey probably requires better cardiovascular shape, but football is rougher. Every play of football your getting hit or hitting someone. Hockey doesn’t have contact like football. Every play in football is a train wreck. Just my opinion.

Here is a story to persuade me to think Hockey is the true toughman sport.Years ago when Bob Probert was at his peak and playing for the Detroit Redwings he was the most feared player in the NHL.One night at the airport after a game the Redwings were waiting to board there charterd plane.Coming off the plane was an NFL team.The Wings were tired and the Football guys were not in a hurry to leave.Words were exchanged and one of the wings got pushed.In steps Probert face to face with a 270Lbs linbacker.These guys are in there suits and a fight breaks out on the tarmack!Probert ends up with this guy bent backwards over a luggage cart knocked out cold!The other Football guys are stunned. Probert drops the 270lber and say’s “Let’s get on this F***ing plane” No one tried to stop them.
True story!

Football is by far Rougher. I have played both as well. You see football is based around contact ever play. All so the coefficient of friciton on Ice is nothing compared to the ground. I tell you what I would strap skates on and play in any professional hockey game VS a Pro football game, could you imagine being handed the ball and being decapitated by Jevon Kearse 6’4" 285lbs 4.5sec 40 yd dash 500+lbs bench press. I know there are no athletes that play Hockey that put up those kind of Numbers with that kind of body size that you would have to contend with. In one play of NFL football you could probably die by getting hit at Full speed by a Jevon Kearse,VS it would probably take a while to get hit at all playing hockey. I do think hockey is more of a dirty sport with sticks fighting etc but it is not based around decapitating your opponent on every play like Football,

Armstrong, there is no doubt that Probert could be one of the toughest guys to ever play hockey. When “enforcers” from the other teams didn’t want anything to do with him, that says a lot. I think his lack of brain cells probably worked to his advantage.

Another point in favor of hockey being a “tougher” sport: no face masks. How many times do you see a guy throw himself in front of a 90+ mph slap shot? Every game.

I say football is way tougher. I weigh 149 lbs.
and played offensive and defensive tackle for my football team. I’m in 10th grade. I got hit by guys on my team that were almost twice my size and I stuck it out this season.

see i bet the most of the ones that say football is rougher havent even played full-contact hockey, in a rep. league. Like you gump, have you even played hockey in a league, full-contact? no i bet not. Hockey players get high sticked in the face, pucks in the shins/ankles, and not just pussy shots, brutal slap shots, but all i’m saying is that i played both and hockey edges football out justa little in roughness, ofcourse football is pure rough, but hockey gets “rougher” at most points. Just wanted to see what everyone had to say, thanks.

I’d definitely say football is much rougher, you need to be a lot tougher, and it takes a hell of a lot more out of you. I’ve played both sports here in Canada in an area that spits out NHL quality players like you wouldn’t believe. So obviously I’ve played in an area with good, tough, physical hockey. And without a doubt, playing football just at the high school level on a second rate team, football is much rougher and tougher. I played D-line and left every game and practice wanting to pass out from exhaustion, blood and bruises were a regular thing, I was actually scared of a few people, and after a long time on the field because my team sucked, I would barely be able to breath I was so tired. I never had any of this with hockey, I never once got hurt, never once got anywhere near the exhaustion I got from football, nor was I ever scared to go for the hit and be physical. I lived and played through a lot of pain in football, hockey was nothing like that.

Surely it depends who is playing.
A Hard football team should be worse than an easy hockey team?

To start with we need to get a few things straight. In football there are MEN and then there are people allowed to touch the ball. There is nothing more challenging then playing D-line and a little man on skates it nothing compared to a 350 lb fuck who wants to tear your head off. But the skill players in hockey have a tougher time than the skill players in Football.

ok let me get this straight, most of you mentioned the same thing, its nothing compared to a 300lb. guy who wants to rip you apart blah blah, and these 300lb + guys are fat asses, sure they have strength and outweigh you by a lot, but getting hit by lindros who is or should i say WAS lol, about 240-250, solid muscle, no fat, solid, coming at you full speed, more speed then you can get on feet, and smashing you into a wall, aka boards, or going full tilt into the corners of the players bench, where it sticks out, tell me that wouldn’t fuck you up. Ya i know there are a lot of pure muscle guys in football, but the heaviest ones are fat asses, and football training camps are nothing compared to hockey, not only are you training for strength at hockey camps, but they drain every ounce of energy you have in you and expect you to keep on going, you have to be in the greatest shape to play in the nhl, compared to the nfl, by far.

oh i forgot to mention, about a year ago, i heard it on tsn, it just came up for some reason, that the philadelphia flyers in the nhl, they’re average size was bigger then the average size of the nfl, and that is the truth, if you want to talk size, and they arent fat, i bet it still applies too.

FAT ASSES? I would bet that Most of those fat asses in the NFL are faster and have a higher Vertical jump than everyone reading this forum.
Need I remind you that guys like Jevon Kearse who are 285 run 4.5 40yd dash and has a bodyfat lower than most running backs and QBs
He is 8% BF. Look at andre Wadesworth who also Has single digit BF percentage and runs 4.5 sec 40yd. Bruce Smith also under single digits BF. Even WARREN SAPP who may be on the heavy side still IS very fast running a 4.6 forty yd dash and on the O line Randle Mcdaniel who plays guard ran a 4.5 forty weighing over 300lbs so booyah!!!. I think your confusing Offesnive Linemen with defensive linemen. Sure those O linemen are like fat walls but thats there job. Defensive linemen are hardly fat and even if they are they are VERY QUICK< I bet faster then most guys in the NHL. I would put money up that Warren Sapp, Jevon Kearse, Andre Wadsworth could all smoke Lindros in a race. I don’t think the NHL has the same caliber of athletes than the NFL has when you average out speed, strength, agility, quickness. YOu would need to go over position etc secondary, runningbacks, recievers I GUARANTEE you no one in the NHL would ever win a medal in the olympics for speed like MICHAEL BATES bronze and currently runs a 4.1 forty yard dash. Even scott Frost of the jets hang cleaned 375lbs switching from qb in college to free safety in the NHL.

Hockey by far is more demanding …

In my many years of playing hockey from tot to college to now as an old (23 year old =) ) man I have seen it all. I have seen everything from people putting heads THROUGH boards (that one required over 100 stitches) to broken shoulders popping out of the skin to teammates returning minutes after basically having there ears stitched back on to get revenge on the ass who cut them. What have I seen in football … aside from the tragic paralyzing hits I have seen WAY too many cases of Turf toe sidelining players. Sorry guys I love football but it just doesnt move me like hockey. In fact football games aren’t moving most of the time whereas a hockey game hardly stops.

no i didn’t mean they’re all fat, and ya your right about the defensive linemen confusion and stuff, i’m just saying that hockey players may not be as big as some football players, but they’re are big ones and i personally think hockey players have more all around strength then football players anyday, i know that for a fact. Football players might be able to bench more, but none of them can do chins like hockey players can, ya maybe cause hockey players are lighter, but you know it still takes mad strength to do many chins, and squats, football players are known for doing big ass squats, but you need damn strong legs to be a fast skater also, let me put it this way, both football players and hockey have there strengths and weaknesses, but i remember playing football, it was tiring as hell, but they stop the play like every 4 seconds anyways, in hockey play can go on for a good while, depending on how many whistles, now go try and skate as hard as you can, play as hard as you can, while hitting, and see if you can last past 3 mins, i doubt it.

What? And nobody mentions skateboarding? Football and hockey may be bad-ass in many ways, but what is getting knocked around when you compare it to some of the stuff done in skateboarding today? I’ve seen people do tricks over building rooftop gaps with 3-story drops that would surely put new meaning in the word “pain” if they lost control even the slightest bit. Not to mention, getting knocked by a linebacker wouldn’t hold a candle to slipping out while skating a long handrail and being pitched down 20 stairs at high speed. Overall, it isn’t rough unless you really get jacked, but I’ve paid my dues many times over through they years enough to know that it can be rough or rougher than anything else out there. I’ve got the bad ankles, broken nose, and facial scars from multiple whacks to the head to prove it. But, I’ll probably catch flak for my opinion for even putting these things in the same league. Oh well.