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hockey fights; techniques

Hey, I am curious for all the people here that play hockey if they have any useful techniques for fighting. I know its not the most glamorous part of the sport, but I’ve been in 2 fights in the last 2 games, unavoidable. So please share your insights.

Use the stick.

The first key is knowing what hand your opponent likes to punch with. Let’s say he is right handed. What you want to do is grab his jersey at his right shoulder and push against it. That way he cannot swing with his strong hand. At the same time, you want to make sure your good hand is free so you can deliver some blows.

Another good tactic is if you guys are grappling in close, to the point you can't get a punch off, grab the back of his helmet at the bottom and pull it over his face. At the very least this will get him focused on something other than you, at the best it will knock off his helmet, making it easier on your fists :).

Get his helmut off and the jersey over his head (assuming it is a guy you are fighting with). :slight_smile:

Thought I would add that the ESPN the Mag has a special brief story on this. It does go into the fighting technique, however. The Mag is the one with Terrel Owens on the cover.

You guy’s didn’t give me any new info, but thanks for the answers. I was looking more or less for techniques to say, avoid getting punched or throwing the guy off balance.

Skate away as fast as you can :).

Seriously, go into your bookstore and check out the ESPN the Mag article, should help.

crane technique. When done right, no can defense.

use your strength. i am 5’8, and when i played i was taking down guys 6’4. now i had a few problems because i wore my helmet really loosely and it would pop off pretty easily, so if thats the case on the other guy, get his helmet off. if yours comes off, get as close in as possible. it doesnt hurt if he hits you in the head from 5 inches away. if his helmet is off, pop him in the face once, and then, grabbing the top of his jersey or his shoulder pads, do a “tricep pushdown.” this usually gets them off balance, and then with another yank their on the ice and your on top. if their helmet is still on, then yank their jersey with both hands, dont worry, youll probably get hit a few times, and get them on the ice. once someone is down, the refs will break it up. if its him down, you will steal his girlfriend!

oh yeah. ive been in a couple drop in fights where i wasnt wearing a facemask. if thats the case, and your both trying to get each other down, then just start throwing rights, but one surprise left and he’s done. just make sure you always have a hold of his jersey. NEVER LET GO.

Tell him you’ve been waiting soooo loooong to get this close to him. Then jingle his balls like a pair of dice while winking at him. Last fight you’ll ever get into.

Learn to throw a GOOD, SOILD punch…I’m not saying you don’t, but as a fomer Golden Gloves Regional champ, I am emberassed for alot of Hockey players (Basketball too) When they start throwing girlie punches (no offense to the Women on this forum) I promise I am not being insulting, I’m not really the insulting type, It is simply an observation, and if you can hit hard, you will usually win the Hockey fights…good luck

Yeah, so I was just informed today that I’ve sorta stepped into the “enforcer” role, which I think is hilarious. I’m only like 5’11 and maybe 185, not that big. I told the guy(coach’s son) “I’m not a fighter, I just get pissed off.”

Check out a Don Cherry video

I feel that my right uppercut is real solid and hard, but I don’t know about the rest. Could you explain how to throw a solid punch? I think I have it down I’ve been using my punching bag all summer and I read in boxing books and what not how to do it. I never actually had someone show me how, though, so I will just assume its correct.

When most people throw punches it simply comes from there shoulder and arm. A good shot starts at the feet, comes through the legs, twisting with the torso, and exploding “through” the target. NEVER hit AT the target, punch through it! It takes time and work to coordinate all of your body to work together. Its probably twice as hard on skates. Good luck!

Also, Straight punches are alot more effective then wild round houses. Unless you can develop a quality left hook I’d stay with the straight crosses…

I have been looking to “unload” some of my knowledge on this subject. I’ve done some boxing at the regional level and been quite successful.
This is what I would do if I fought in hockey. First, learn to spit in someone’s eye. Then employ a good, hard straight jab to his nose. If he tries to pull you down to the ice, headbutt him immediately (again in the nose). Above all, make sure you yell. Yell unintelligable comments like, “You farest rudder.” Or try, “I’m inna rajje.” In short, yell things that only James Joyce would understand. Good luck.

LOL!! Where did you come from dude? {Not like I expect a serios answer to that or anything}.