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Hockey Check


Jillybop… this is what you should be aiming for when you check someone into the boards.

Holy Crap!

That was probably the most disgusting hit I’ve seen in my life… I’ve seen guys go through the glass before but never with that much power… the glass usually pops out before exploding…

That was disgusting.

It doesn’t seem like the check was that horrible. The fact that the glass shattered and his spine bent over the board is what was awful.

I hope that guy was okay.


charging ?

[quote]swivel wrote:
charging ?[/quote]


it wasn’t charging… the guy stopped taking strides about 12 feet before the hit.

Even crazier, those kids are like 14-15 yrs old…

Go to hockeyfights.com and look around for the Brian Campbell hit on RJ Umberger. You can download it there. Crazy hit.