HOC, Running Man, GTG, DLs, High Pulls, Squats, and Cleans

Quick question. Would it be to much to follow Mike Mahler’s HOC workout together with Christian Thibaudeau’s Running Man? Something that would look like this:


HOC workout in the Heavy Bag with High-Rep Snatches

400meter sprints
GTG arms workout (as in Mike Mahler’s article)
Deadlift or Squat
High Pull or Power Clean

Any thoughts?

i hope you don’t plan to do this for a long period of time. your body will hate you for it.

Possibly two or three weeks at the most, since boonedoc holiday is right that your body will hate you for it.

I know the feeling of wanting to do so many different programs at once though.

But please, definitely split the running man and HOC into two different micro-cycles (I say 3 weeks) and keep the lifting to only two days. GTG for size might not work if you’re doing so much anaerobic cardio too…

Another option is to alternate the HOC and Running Man 2-3 times a week, Mon-HOC, Wed-RM, etc. I wouldn’t do either more than 2 a week but then again what exactly are your goals?