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What does everybody do in their spare time, like hobbies & stuff? Since finding one of the rarest, most famous math texts of the 20th century in a used bookstore (out of print in the 50’s), I’ve gotten pretty serious about collecting old math texts.

karate is my only hobby…i was going to college (didn’t have time for hobbies then, but kinda ran out of money

I consider looking my own body my biggest hobby. In other words, if somebody asked me what my hobbies were, I’d definately answer them with: “keeping fit”.

After that, I’d have to say following/watching sport, and computer games. I’m a massive player of Championship Manager - a soccer sim.

When i’m not in school or at the gym i like tosearch for old and new ways to work out and information about it and eating right.

I also like to make equipment to use in the gym and outwith the gym.sad i knowbut it is what i like to do the most.

I don’t really have any hobbies that are considered “intellectual”. I collect Vermont Teddy Bears, and I also like playing soccer, tanning, and keeping my car clean.

I really have no spare time with a 9am-4pm job, a weekend 9pm-4:30am job, and will start part time graduate Business school in september. I like to read t-mag, surf the web for info, study automotive engineering, play a computer game AOE, maybe go to a cafe or club. My sleeping patterns get all screwy on the weekends.

LOL, I thought I was the only T-Mag reader that plays AOE/AOC.

Reading voratiously

Attending my wife

Studying programming




Ham radio, raising horses and used to drag race.

watching/playing sports…FFB, i am the same way t-mag is my homepage and the first thing i do online is check the forum, it may be sad to other but i am sure at least half the people on this forum are the same way… what game is aoe?

sex, sports and play pool (all as much as possible :wink: oh, and I play w/my computer

irontank:I think AOE is Age of Empires. I think my brother is into it. That’s all I know. Avoids Roids: What kind of cars did you race. Everyone knows FORD stands for 1st on race day! Everyone else: Tmag is my homepage too & I don’t care what anyone thinks.

weights, bowflex, martial arts and quigong, music, am just now (2 days) learning the guitar, reading and learning as much as I can at my own pace and desire.

Writing screenplays, mackin’ on t-vixens, drinkin’ liquor and being a foul-mouthed S.O.B. 'Til its over. outlaw

I kiteboard. Every chance I get out here in the Columbia Gorge. There is nothing better. Lifting (as a joy) comes second (although I lift first to board better!) I am hoping to turn pro soon. Great question, I want to hear more from everyone!

Staying on top of my job
Learning to cook
Martial arts, practicing them and reading more about them
COUNTER STRIKE, I’m addicted
Mountain biking and snowboarding
Aimless drives in the mountains
Drinking and being an ass on weekends

Good idea for a thread