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Hobbies Besides Lifting?

Me and my dad have been drag racing since 2004. what hobbies do you guys have?
[photo]29263[/photo] not my pops but a fellow racer

its a 2002 camaro, BBC 565, 23* canfield heads, 1 fogger.

we compete in several 275 Drag Radial races
fastest to date is a 5.45 @ 143mph weighing 3318lbs

That’s a cool hobby.

In another life I raised exotic parrots.

I read a lot. Mostly classics.

I like the outdoors too. Hiking, Camping, fishing etc

I watch a lot of movies and collect t-shirts also.

Been playing guitar for near 30 years. I’m also a big videogame fan…

I love to create colorful paintings and excel in interpretive dance!
I’m a free spirit really

[quote]SkyNett wrote:
Been playing guitar for near 30 years. I’m also a big videogame fan…[/quote]

what type games… i play the shit out of some halo and Call of Duty

I have a 360 and PS3 - Play Halo, GTA…stuff like that. I even play a little WoW on the PC…

i play some WoW as well. plan to start playing again in sept since Cataclysm comes out in October.

I like to double-post topics that have already been discussed

Making Parody threads in GAL

Recently got back into playing my bass after not touching it for about two years. Black Warwick Corvette $$ is my current bass(got it when it first came out, back in 2006 methinks). The pic attatched is from one of our gigs about 5 years ago when I first got it, way before I touched a barbell or actually ate a full sandwich.
I was at an acoustic night in a bar recently with some friends and was persuaded to go on stage for a few songs. Got me dusting off the Warwick and I’m enjoying thoroughly so far.

I also watch a shitload of film 'cos I just love it.
Also a keen rugby follower.

Fuck, thought I was more interesting than that

I took up drumming almost a year ago. I’m kicking myself for not taking it up when I was a kid. I’ve never taken a formal lesson and most of what I’ve learned is strictly from playing along to Led Zeppelin, James Brown, RATM, and Nine Inch Nails. Once I learned how to play “When the Levee Breaks” and how to do the classic Bonham bassdrum triplets, my learning curve went through the roof. I’ve picked up on it so quickly that I think if I had started a long time ago I’d probably be playing professionally in some sort of band.

I’m playing as the opening act with my roommate for my buddy’s band next Monday at this local bar. He needed a band to open up after the original opener flaked and I jokingly told him my roommate and I would play on drums and bass while he freestyled as the opening act. He thought I was serious and said sure. So we’re just getting together some basic grooves so we have enough shit to play for about 20 minutes or so.

I can’t wait. I’ve never played live like this before. I’ll just be playing some basic hip-hop-type beats with some no-frills fills thrown in, but my roommate and I can just groove forever without fucking up at all as long as I keep the fills simple and sparse and don’t try to start changing time signatures, and he’s extremely good on the bass so if I just play whatever and let the beat morph from one to another to another, he keeps up really well. I plan on throwing in some four-on-the-floor/disco type shit too, just for the fuck of it.

So that’s my hobby.

I like to bubble girls pictures and heavy Mel Gibson breathe on them.

I like to read books and comics, watch films, play my 360. I’m also a big sports fan follow soccer, NFL, Gaelic football and hurling. Here is a very short hurling clip.


Call of duty online… addictive as hell!

Dog petting




I’ve been playing guitar for 19 years. Martial Arts (kenpo karate, kickboxing and bjj). Video games and lots of em.


Being clever.

Smoking cigarettes.

Fucking shit up.

I also moonlight as a regular guy.

Not really.