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HO-HO-HO-Teamstaley Giveaway

I told you we would be back-if you have been a good boy or girl, and want to win “The Ultimate Guide to Massive Arms(EDT)” The Training and Nutrition Manager" software and “Physically Incorrect.” Then post here. I will give 5 of these packs away and will pick tomorrow. These are all downloads and loaded with all sorts of goodies. Happy Holidays -Julianne


Hey since I live in Vegas you could save on shipping by giving me stuff!

I am in. Would love to utilize the tools you are providing.

Any one of these would be great tools. Is this the sign up? If so, I am in!

I may have lost my chance to win TeamStaley give-aways, but I’m entering my name.


The only thing I get for Christmas is myself into more debt. This would be much appreciated. Thanks for the oppurtunity.

little kid voice on “Pick me!!! Pick me!!!” little kid voice off

In all seriousness I love Staley’s stuff but can’t afford any of his products on my current budget (yay tuition!). You guys are the greatest. Merry Christmas!!

I have never had any Staley gear but would love to check it out.

I believe i’ve been more naughty than nice this year but this would still make a great gift for me and the men on my special forces detachment now stationed in Iraq.

I’ve got the Ultimate Arms book from the Las Vegas bootcamp, but I would love to check out the other two.

Happy Holidays


hey soco-these are downloads,no shipping
Toddy-you can always enter in anything we give away and if anyone deserves a good Christmas it is you!-Julianne

Would love to give it a try!

Merry Christmas! I’d love to open that for X-Mas.

Ummm… Me. Two. Please?

Free stuff?

Hell yeah, I’m in.

Count me in!

This site and its contributors are awesome!

Happy holiday!

Gday Team Staley,

I would love to be picked for these presents. The budget is tight at the moment, my first christmas with my new daughter. Maybe you could bring out a new series, EDT for toddlers. It would be seriously cool to have the only deadlifting, chinning, squatting daughter in day care when she starts in January.

Many thanks to Charles and the team for the great articles this year.
Merry christmas to all.