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'Ho, Ho, Ho' Offensive to Women?



I thought this was a joke.

Some people take things too far.


God Damnit.


That fat fuck shouldn't call women hos.


Riley Freeman said it best:



So that's what is in your avatar.


If I remember right, there is a quote by Goebbels that says, "if you control their speech, you control their minds."

I tried searching for this quote, but surprisingly I could not find any actual reference. (And I like to find a few, and use the most reliable source.)

Anyway, this is why I hate P.C. In an effort to be nice, and politically correct, brainwashing is ensuing.

If you do not conform to proper thinking, you are labeled as a bigot, racist, homophobe, male chauvinist, or some other derogatory term designed to psychologically bash people into the submission of political ideas.

Goebbels would be so proud.


WTF? And Santa is still wearing red?

This offends me! How can they do this? I want that color removed!


My son went and joined the Bloods after a recent trip to the mall and a visit with Santa!


Yeah, and what's up with Elves as Slave Labor? They should unionize, yo. And we prefer to be called "little people", dammit.


I wish for a Channukah Harry, Kwanza Kenny, and Ramadan Randy to be placewd in the mall next to this anti-toleration Christian zealot "Christopher Cringle". That is all.


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Don't conform. Assert your rights to free speech.

Nowhere in the constitution does it say freedom from being offended.