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Hmmm...Sounds Resonable To Me



It's one of those things that actually made me laugh out loud. It's so obsurd it's funny. This should be fun, count down to WW3. We need the clock. Here's the break down. Iran attacks Isreal, Isreal, U.S. attack Iran. Palitinians continue to attack Isreal. China and North Korea jump behind Iran. Cuba and Venezuala jump behind Iran. Most of Europe backs U.S. and Isreal except the French and possibly the Spanish who will try to stay out of it. The French will back Iran because they are always on the wrong side. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, U.E. will mouth off against the U.S. but we will use thier land, etc... I think I'll go camping...



were the French on the wrong side in WWI, WWII, Vietnam War, War for American Independance?

as far back as I recall the French have been at least a decent ally...

you could argue that their help has been next to worthless in some cases but they've been aligned with the U.S. most of the time...


where is the humor? maybe i missed it somewhere.



You took the words right off of my computer. Good post.

As to the original posters thoughts: Bizarre.


Funny how they are our ally mostly when they need us to bail them out.


I would definitely say the French were on the wrong side of the Indochina War. All the others, maybe good, maybe not. who knows?


funny how the U.S. wouldn't be a nation today if it were not for their help...


I agree. Aside from all their quirkiness, they've historically been a decent ally. I've had to reevaluate some of my own positions w/r/t the french in the past year.


I went to Yorktown a while ago, and there is a large monument to the French there...there are many French names on there who were killed in that battle, killed for America.

Many forget that.

Plus, from people I know that have been there, the French are keenly aware of what we've done for them, even though their politicians might not reflect it.

One story in particular that my aunt witnessed was an old man on Normandy Beach, one who had quite obviously landed there on June 6,1944...he told her that a young Frenchman approached him, crying, saying over and over, "Thank you, thank you".

Open your mind a little Lorisco. Not all of your thoughts should come from the conservative websites only.


It's funny how threads take up a life of their own way outside the poster's intention. The main focus of the post was the article, not my inane comentary. My goal was to point out, no matter how jaded I get, I still get surprised by these islamic nut bags. Saying "I have nukes" and "Isreal must be destroyed" in the same speech is pretty scary stuff, if not just wacko. I mean, that is an actual, real, war provoking threat. Of course, the media, will have under a bomb shell article like that, Tom Cruise, like we give a fuck if he died tommorow, much less about his wacko opinions.

Anyhow, I really don't give a shit about the French. Right, now they hate us, but they have enough problems internally to really notice what we are doing anyway. It was just kind of interesting that the thread became a French apologist thread. I don't care, I found it intersting that that's what stuck out. You can do with it, (or not) what you want and take it where you want.


The Iraqis were really happy with us that we got rid of Saddam too.


What does this mean?

You're comparing Iraq to World War II?



Uh, no you are over generalizing. The point is this, that just because we helped save people from oppresion that does not mean they will like us. In Iraq we removed Saddam, they hate us. In france, we helped remove the Nazis and they don't like us. They don't hate us as much as the Iraqis hate us, but they still hate us.
It means just that and nothing more.


I think that the Iraqis hating us is a gross generalization.

While there are elements of Iraq that certainly hate us most of their feelings are more favorable than that.

Many like us over there and most just want the bombs to stop going off.

The problem is it only takes a small percentage that hate us and set off bombs to ruin everything.


A few bad roadside bombs spoils the whole bunch.


I really doubt that, though they certainly sped things up. The contributions of Lafayette and Rochambeau aside, the French army was all but worthless on American soil. When they finally showed up to fight they spent most of their time dicking around and getting drunk in New England while Nathanael Greene was getting shit done fighting Cornwallis in the Carolinas.

Outside of the blockade at Yorktown the French were not that much of a help. Greene himself says so quite bluntly as on multiple occasions he offered aid from his own pocket to resupply French ships in order to get the men to help fight, but they would rather go to Boston and "refit" only to show up "victoriously" after the battle had already been won.



I just want to add that that is not me condoning anti-frog sentiment. The help was appreciated, but let us not get too carried away.