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Hmm.. setback?

I just spoke with a nutritionist, showed them Berardi’s massive eating program. She says that in normal people without genetic problems (diabetes, etc.) the body should have no problem maintaining and dealing with insulin adequately. Any thoughts on this?

Is anyone “normal”?

Yeah, no problem at all, and the diebetic epidemic, the insulin resistance epidemic, and obesity are not related to the food intake or anything…

…because after all, in healthy people, the body has no problem managing insulin properly…Right?

Properly assumes you arent taking in 5000 calories of high glycemic carbs combined with an additional 5000 calories from fat.

Stop talking to nutritionists.

why would that be a setback?

JB’s massive eating was designed to keep insulin in check - getting the right nutrients at the right time. wouldn’t see how a nutritionist would see that negatively unless she/he brings up the excess protein-damage to kidney debate.

Normal person?

You mean the average fatass?

i dont recall berardi ever saying anything that was in opposotion to this.

If your on massive eating i wouldn’t class you as ‘normal’ how many people eat to gain LBM?
Ask your nutrionist if they had two people consuming hypercalorific amounts in the same quantities who would get fatter, the person eating the massive eating way or the person consuming purely high glycemic carbs and not worrying about seperating C+F. They would probably tell you there would be no difference but JB’s observations would suggest otherwise.
It would be nice to see a large study investigating this but that is unlikely to happen, so i will go with the experts who have experience dealing with weight trained athletes as opposed to ‘normal’ people. If insulin control is not important then why do BB’s put them self at risk of death by using exogenous insulin?

All she has to do is look around at the average ‘healthy’ person to know that she has completely wasted her time in learning methods that don’t work. People do not necessarily have to eat like we do in following JB’s advice, just eat better. But people are stupid, nuff said.

optimal nutrition is not the same as adequate nutrition.
Before seeing a nutrtionist get refernces. howmany champion body builder has she worked with (natural or otherwise) other athletes (endurance, MMA, contact sports). what does she look like?
Most nutritonist are absolute shit. all the people that i know personaly that i respect have all had a background in physiology not cooking and sewing (which is what alot of those crap courses seem to be)… JB excluded… i love that man…in a very t-man, non homsexual way… yeah…


Based our your history of a previous eating disorder, I would suggest that you find a diet you are comfortable with and give it a chance to “work”. You have to be patient and execute your chosen diet/workout plan for 8-12 weeks before you guage it a success/failure.

I’m not a frequent poster but I’ve seen most of your posts since you started in January. You are obviously ambitious and have goals, but don’t fixate to the point where you expect to see daily progress. Try to avoid the mirror for a month or so unless you’re fully clothed, then you’ll see results the next time you look.

Also remember that its not a disaster if the plan didn’t yield what you expected. Just figure what worked and what didn’t and create your next 12 week plan. Include the good parts and adjust the bad parts.

Your nutritionist is right, to a point. A healthy person, particularly a young person, will process even large amounts of high-GI carbs with no immediate problem whatsoever. BUT, over time, the body’s ability to handle all those GI carbs will become impaired. In other words, the chronic effects are quite different from the acute effects (this is true of many effects in the human body). This impairment may take decades to become noticeable. Humans, including researchers, have trouble making causal inferences and behavioral changes when the consequences take decades to accumulate. Another example is smoking.

Your nutritionist is probably unaware, though, of the research that shows that high “normal” blood glucose levels are associated with a number of chronic diseases. The Life Extension Magazine published a terrific article about this, showing that optimal health is achieved with fasting blood glucose levels between 70-85, considerably lower than top “normal” value of 109. So, blood glucose levels that your nutritionist would consider “normal” have been shown to be associated with increased health risks.

Berardi has done the bodybuilding community a big favor by pointing out that carb sources, amounts, and timing can have effects on the body. BUT it is important to take his recommendations with reason. The rationale of the recommendations is mainly to minimize fat storage by keeping insulin levels steady almost all the time except PWO. Right? Well, how many grams of carbs can YOU eat, Lone Lobo, without storing fat or adversely affecting blood sugar? You can’t know for sure at any given moment, but you can experiment with carb sources and amounts and find out what works for you. I would bet that you can eat quite a bit of “bad” carbs that at your age and health are only going to promote muscle growth. You can probably eat more and different carbs than my 40-year-old overweight friend.