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Hmm.. one armed BP?

It appears that a catcher that needs to cut down a little has broken my wrist. Stealing home, he’s set up infront of plate, come in from behind w/ hookslide to avoid tag, reach in right hand, have catcher fall on it, grimace in pain. Real T-men don’t cry though, except I did get a little (tiny bit) teary when I heard I would be out for the season, right after I heard I would make varsity as a soph.

Anyways, could someone help me out with exercises I could do with left arm only? I think squats and stuff are out too, because I can’t do anything involving wrist to forearm. Also, what should I be looking at in terms of diet for my newly sedentary lifestyle? I can run on it apparently, so im thinkin PC early to PF later in the day, with some cardio.

Probably just a lot of ab work, right? isometric legs I can see, lunges, not feelin the upperbody work though. I guess I’m tryin to look on the bright side, but truth prolly is not a whole lot of lifting for 4-8 weeks. Fuck, right after I improved my maxes and was making progress. Any chance Biotest makes a supp. that will help me out? Lol, “Miraclegrow”. On the plus, XRays said I had growth plates like a 10 year old, and that I should have like 6-8 inches left. Whoopee!

Fracture through growth plate of radius and ulna, displacement of distal fragment by 20% through distal fragment is medical terminology.

buy a hip squat belt and you can still squat and do lunges. they sell a very good one at ironmind.com

oh yeah i forgot. sorry to see that you are injured. this has got to be a disappointment, especially when you are making progress. just look at it as a good rest period. i should not worry about losing strength too much, any thing you lose will come right back when you get in the gym again. good luck with the recovery


Wow. Sorry to hear about that Lobo. Whatever happened to short squatty catchers like Yogi anyway. You ought to raise the ceilings in your house man.

I broke my shoulder about 5 years ago coming off a nasty mare. What I concentrated on was getting flexibility back. I used a pulley system hooked over a door to haul my arm up my back after it was stabilized. I didn’t do anything in the gym except for leg and calf presses and hyperextensions. I am not a fan of unilateral exercises as they can leave you with imbalance problems. The good news is that my ‘off’ arm and shoulder are now quite a bit stronger than my right side. You should be back in good shape for baseball season next year. Work on your diet and healing up. The rest will come back quickly. Good luck.

you can still do alot of body weight work, ie body weight squats/lunges/toe raises/ab work v ups/crunches etc… also if you ‘static hold’ these it is really intense (holding body weight lunge at the bottom for a long duration), that will help, i did this when i broke my wrist and for some other injuries

Any chance I can do anything to avoid upperbody atrophy?

here is a short quote from a recent article by Lonnie Lowery.

And if you dare dismiss that full week “off” after each mesocycle as unmanly or as over-wrought geek-talk, consider this: Even six weeks of detraining doesn?t affect 1RM squat, body mass, or percent body fat.(11)

so don’t worry about atrophy, as long as you eat enough it is not a huge problem. and if you do lose any muscle(unlikely) it will come back very quickly when you train again. one tip, take creatine as it has been shown to reduce atrophy in immobilised limbs just like your arm.


i pinched this from “the real world” in t-mag issue 273.

  1. Creatine supplementation slows muscle atrophy when immobilized. (Abstract #2242, Bull et al)

Subjects in this study had the unenviable task of having their arms put in casts for seven days. During this time, they got either a placebo treatment or 20g of creatine per day. Casting resulted in large losses in lean mass and strength in the placebo group (-4% lean mass, -29% 1RM biceps curl, and ?46% max reps for biceps and triceps exercises).

In the creatine group, no lean mass was lost (+0.17%) while only small reductions in 1RM strength (-6%) and muscle endurance (-5% were seen).

hope this is of help

Thank you very much, although those are enormous losses for one week, gets me scared. Should I eat around maintenance level then, or above?

just eat like a growing teenager (ie, alot) you mentioned you have 7-8 inches of growth left according to your doctor. bear in mind that those losses in strength were only in the non creatine supplementing group and were only in the immobilised limb AND the study may have been performed on untrained individuals because i cant imagine many weight training people are willing to use the use of a limb for a week. just concentrate on letting your arm heal

That sucks bro. I just started lifting 5 days ago after taking 2 1/2 months off due to a 3rd degree AC separation. During my time off I ran a lot, ate P+F afternoon, took supp’s for scar tissue growth and ligament health, etc. Word to the wise, don’t try lifting too soon, I did and it fucked up my healing. Watch out for drunk sex too, you’ll wake up the next morning hurting like hell and the biatch won’t feel bad for ya’. On the upside in five days I’ve regained my strength so fast it hurts, so as long as you tough it out and don’t do anything stupid you should be back in the game fairly quickly too. Good luck.

Sorry to hear about your season, Lobo. Just remember, anything you can lose quickly, you can get back quickly. And just think of how many calories you’re gonna need to grow 8 more inches!