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Hmm 8 Week Shred Perhaps


4/17/2017 - Monday
Started my 8 week cut.
Weight: 209.4
Height: 6 foot
I’d like to say my body fat is around 16%, I’ve let myself go.
Expectations in 8 weeks, 12% bodyfat possibly?
I would be more than happy if I was to achieve 10%. If I’m close I’ll extend the diet to 12 weeks.

Tuesday- weight: 207.6
Wednesday- 207.0
Thursday- 205.8
Friday- 205.4
Saturday- 205.2
4/23/17 -Sunday(today)
Weight: 204.2
Pictures attached are just a spur of the moment upload from today. No pump, lounging around.

Monday: lower body
Bb back Squats with assistance work.
1rm: 385 atg

Tuesday: Chest and abs
Bb bench with more assistance work. Going up on reps for each additional movement.
1rm: 315

Wednesday: start jui jitsu in two weeks, 1 1/2 - 2 hours.
Currently: Sometimes an off say, sometimes I hit misc. groups, for example. Traps, power cleans, maybe use this as an “arm” day.
1rm: power clean 225
1rm push press: 225
1rm: bb military press, grinding out a slow 205.

Thursday: Most definitely an off day if I have time maybe something light, pump day again.

Friday: Varies, usually back and shoulders.
Pull ups, bb rows, occasionally deadlfts. Military presses. Again followed by assistance work on the main mover. Similar to a power building program.
1rm deadlift: 455
Edit: 3rm bb bent over row: 315

Saturday: boxing and kixkboxing 1- 1 1/2 hours
Sunday: arms
Pull up them more isolation movements, light teicep work, lateral raises, rear delts. Biceps.

Calories: maintance at 3000
I do IF’ for 12 in the off season and last cut I went too 14-16 hour fast. I’ve been tapering up this week from 12-15. Will try to maintain 14 hour fast thru this cut.
Start of the week around 2700, over the weekend I’ve brought it down to around 2500-2600.
Monday start at 2600 and taper to around 2400 by Sunday.
Week 3: start with 2500 and taper too 2400 by Sunday.
Week 4: same
– cheat days will be a spur of the moment for that day and will try to time my nutrient intake accordingly.
Week 5: depends on body weight and body fat at this time. What I inevitably want to do is keep tapering my calories down too maybe a week or two at around 2200.
Week 8: bring my calories up by 150 for the week (150 a day so for example 2200- 2350 mon-fr at least) "play by ear"
If I’ve reached my goal or not.
Week 9: taper up an additional 50-100 calories in.
Week 10: if I hit my goal an additional 100 cal increase.
If I did not reach my goal take away 100 calories.
Continue plan, after 12 weeks increase calories slowly regardless.

1-1.5 grams of protein a day
20-35% fat
35-45% carbohydrate intake.
Will post physique updates weekly, will get a leg shot in possibly tomorrow after leg day.
Ill maybe keep the training log more in depth if demand is high.
Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
Any body fat % guesses and expectations welcome.
Sorry I don’t have a shoe to compare with.

Did you guys know you can out creatine in your socks? Hahahaha

Lot of work to do


Your protein intake sounds kind of low, that’s like, 1/4 of an egg.

But, being serious, in 8 weeks you can do wonders for your physique if your maintenance calories are high enough, but I’d say that even with “just” 3000 calorie maintenance you can have some great progress. Losing 10-12 pounds of fat would be achievable without too much of a hassle. That would put you close tot the 10% mark. (around 11) With smart planning you could reach even under 10%


Hahaha, brilliant. It took me a second too put it together, at first glance, I was like is this guy serious? Then I busted out laughing.

Just 3000? I’ve heard some high numbers before but what should my maintenance be? If I were to try and bring it up?

I’m not sure what my body fat currently is at but I would be happy with 10 without losing much muscle.

Thanks for the response btw, I’m going to look into your training log later today, I’m about to head into the gym.


Well, my own maintenance calories float around 4200 at the moment (I’m a bit under 6’4" so I burn a bit more just because if that)
That’s just to give some perspective.
How far you can push your maintenance depends on your metabolism and your patience, as it is a slow process.
I’d say you can reach 3400 rather easily and in a year or so you could be in 3700-3800 range

With an 8 week long diet it’s quite unlikely that you lose substantial amounts of muscle mass. (And even if you do it’ll come back quickly.)

Thanks man, I hope your training session goes well!


Leg day
Weight 204.4
Still 6 foot tall hahaha
Worked up too a front squat PR at 315. Good form, solid PR. 4 sets of 3, a set of 1 at 295 and the last set at 315. 6 sets.
Switched to back squats worked up from 225 to 315. 5 reps a set. 2 sets at 315. 5 total sets.
Followed with 4 sets of 12 on the leg extension and leg curl machine, supersets.
Finished with a set of bw lunges. 25 reps.
2500 calories already in. Plan on a 13 hour fast.
No pictures, too lazy.


Have you ever tried Scott Abel’s quad blast?
If not, I suggest you try it sometime

Quad blast goes as follows:
25 deep speed squats
12 alternating lunges/leg (24 total)
12 alternating jumping lunges/leg (24 total)
15 jump squats
Max. 30 seconds rest between exercises, if you are hardcore try to complete the circuit three times

Note: keep your hands on the back of your head if possible


How’s the diet going?