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Hmg Instead of HCG

Any of you use Hmg over Hcg in your TRT protocol.
My insurance covers both Hmg and Hcg for only $20/month. I want to switch to get the benefits of both LH and Fsh instead of LH alone for fertility reasons. On HCG alone I have 0 ejaculate. I’m looking for proper doses of HMG for HRT. Also can HMG be used instead of HCG or should they be used together.

So far I have found many use 75Ius 3x/wk. But some say you must use it with Hcg Which makes no sense to me since HMG mimics both LH and FSH. From readings on the drug alone HMG should be able to be used a instead of HCG with better results.

hCG only slightly mimics the actions of FSH.

HMG contains multiple hormones. HMG is not a hormone.

Right I understand It’s a stimulator just Like HCG. It mimics not only LH but FSH also.

It does not mimic anything! It is an extract from the urine of pregnant women and it contains FSH, LH and hCG. You seem to be missing that point.

hCG could be said to “mimic” LH because one of its subunits is identical to LH.