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HMG Experiences?

Hey guys, after talking to a lot of people on here(thanks everyone), it seems like my best option to raise my count that has dropped for fertility and avoid the side effects I have with hcg is to give hmg a try. I was hoping to get some feedback and info from anyone that has knowledge of hmg. I know it’s more expensive but I’m hoping it doesn’t have similar side effects, can give me better chances of fertility, and not spike estrogen. Thoughts?

I don’t know a whole lot. This article may help.


Peptides might be a cheaper better option in raising growth hormone levels, peptides can increase your natural growth hormone/IGF-1 levels.

Which In turn increases fertility? My wife is basically saying at this point I have to find something to increase fertility with trt or get off trt all together for time being.

My count literally went from 250 million to 16 million in a month

It’s not a different version of growth hormone because you are using peptides.

Did you read the initial post?

Maybe peptides increase sperm production? That would be new to me, and would require evidence to convince me of.

If it is me, I would run HCG, and HMG first. If that does not work, I am switching out HMG for FSH even though it costs more.

No. You’re looking at hCG, hMG (or combination of those two), FSH, Clomid.

Ok, so hcg is out for me it does not do well at all with me. Which is why I was looking at hmg. I was told that hmg may not have the same side effects of hcg and should work better for fertility. Is fsh different than hmg? If so, how does it compare as far as helping with fertility or any side effects?

HMG contains HCG, FSH and LH. So you will get some of the HCG effects, but I think it is a small quantity of HCG in comparison to the FSH and LH.

Ok well I hope it is a really small quantity… what about just fsh? I haven’t found a lot of info on that… does that alone boost fertility? I haven’t seen anything on it…

IIRC, and someone correct me if this is incorrect. LH and HCG mostly stimulate testosterone production in the leydig cells. FSH stimulates sperm production in the sertoli cells.

The reason I have seen HCG used for fertility, is it maintains ITT (inter testicular testosterone) levels and that seems to be correlated to sperm production. So HCG is kind of an indirect fertility treatment.

Yeah, the basic process flows are:

HCG --> leydig cells --> increased inter testicular testosterone levels --> Sertoli cell stimulation --> sperm production

Sertoli cell stimulation --> sperm production

So to me HMG seem ideal for fertility. You get good ITT with LH and a bit of HCG, setting up the environment and perhaps a bit of sperm production, and then you get FSH to actually stimulate sperm production.

So looking at the process on how hmg works would it make sense that it might cause less side effects as well? The hcg makes my much worse.

For fertility, probably. I think it comes down to whether the HCG makes you feel like crap or not.

I wish we had more first hand accounts of people trying straight FSH but it just doesn’t seem common. I’m assuming that’s because it isn’t typically necessary for fertility and people just don’t try it because of the cost when HCG is so much cheaper.

Well hcg does something odd to me so I’m done with it. And quite frankly when I lowered the dose my count still dropped. You think hmg will have the same side effects? I’d be willing to pay more for fsh if it helped with fertility as well with no sides

But I am pretty much only considering hmg or fsh if either of those would benefit fertility and not cause me the same problems hcg does.

FSH is specifically for fertility, my doc told me we’d try that if HCG doesn’t work… so my impression is it works as well or better than HCG when it comes to fertility. It’s just a matter of whether it’s worth the price or not to you (and it sounds like it may be)

Just my knowledge, not my experience. Hopefully someone here has some experience with actually using it.


Thank you for all the help. Probably wouldn’t spike estrogen either?