HMB- for brock, bill, jmb or anyone else

I just read an article in flex aug 2001 issue that said if you use 6-9 grams of hmb you will see results. The results you can expect based on the article was body fat reduction. I was thinking of trying this product after i finish my t2 cycle to test its claims. I found a pretty good price on this stuff for about $30 a month on 6 grams a day. I wanted to know what bill, brock and jmb thought of this. If anyone else has an opinion id love to hear it.

derek p

Yeah try it!!..It feels just like Deca!

Really unless someone gave it to you for free I wouldn’t even bother. I’ve known hundreds of people who’ve used HMB and not a single one of them ever got anything measurable out of it. I think the recommended dosage is 3 grams per day. Well if 6 or 9 grams a day gave drastic results then I’d at least think that 3 grams per day would give some sort of results but we haven’t seen this.

A couple of years back I was invovled with a clinical study (published in the National Strength and Conditioning Journal) where we evaluated the effects of 5 grams of HMB per day in weight trained athletes. The study did compare it to a creatine containing product if I recall correctly. From what I recall, the only thing we say in the HMB group was WEIGHT LOSS and no change in FFM. It is a waste of money and for whatever reason 99% of the studies completed on HMB have been done by the patent holder MTI. Waste of time and $

I have never heard a single positive comment made in regard to HMB by anyone I know. I’ve never used it myself. Just my two cents.

HMB was one of my favorites for a while. I’m really not sure why though. I was told be a guy with some BB experience (he’s part owner of a gold’s outside Toronto). He said the Natural guys (competitive pro’s) combined Glutamine and HMB and almost didn’t have to eat. The anti-catabolic synergy between the two help hold on to all their muscle. The two times i’ve taken it, I was taking it with glutamine or Creatine so i don’t know how it is by itself. I would say now, that you can get more done with other supps.
BTW, I once read in MM2K that any more than 3 grams a day made no difference in anything except the amount that you pissed out.