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HMB-Does it work?

Hey T-Men…Does HMB work?

Nope. Doesn’t do shit. I even took twice the recommended dosage years ago, and didn’t notice anything.

Why absolutely ,as a matter of fact, it feels like Deca!

It works through a series of highly complex chemical reactions…lowers your bank account and does not do shit

I’m as skeptical as anyone (more so than most) and tried HMB, expecting it not to work (I expect 0 from most supplements) - It did seem to help when I was in a cutting phase, if I didn’t take it I felt like someone hit me with a hammer - no shit. During over training or dieting (or both) there may be “some” benefits - that’s the ONLY time I’ve noticed it. I’ve tried about everything and have dropped quit a few supps of my list - the only supps I currently use are: Methoxy-7/Androsol/Phosphytlserene/Glutamine Peptide/Good Protein/1000mg VitC/EFA’s and am now trying tribex…