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HMB as a Supplement?


The kid at the vitamin shop was really pushing HMB as a supplement. Anyone ever tried or heard of it? Here is the wiki article:


If I recall correctly HMB was all the rage about 11 or 12 years ago. It was added to meal replacement powders - not sure all which ones. Your post reminded me of it and made me think “Yeah, whatever happened to that?”. I’m sure someone else here will remember more specifics.

I would assume that since it disappeared it either didn’t work or caused something bad to happen - or something better came along.


Since it’s a metabolite of leucine, why not take leucine? The leucine might be cheaper?


There are no good studies supporting its efficacy.


I remember using it about 12 years ago…and the advertised HMB was allegedly the next legal growth tool…I noticed no improvement in my size, or performence.