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HL Ab Machines

I used to workout in my basement but since i’m out of town for awhile I got a gym membership at the only Hardcore gym in Buffalo it would seem.

My girl wants to go to the gym today since today is my off day I generally do some mild ab work and light cardio nothing major.

I figure I would try these HL ab machines was wondering if they are any good?

ab machines in general suck. if your goal is to enlarge your abs go for it.

The machines felt akward. Figure it was worth a shot makes no sense why they are in the gym.

Abs are a weird muscle when I ignore them I feel like my midsection is getting weaker if I work them out to much I feel like it’s making my mid become bloated looking.

It’s the one muscle area I never really know how to handle. People say Squats and deads only but that leaves my front mid section feeling somewhat incomplete.

Do barbell rollouts and dragon flags then