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HIV infected surgeon performed 2000+ operations while conscious of infected status

(Quick summary - will find sources later).

A Quebec (orthopedic) surgeon who died recently performed over 2000 operations in the last years, all while knowing the said doctor was infected.

News only slipped out after the doctor’s death.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Dan Aykroyd was right - you don’t wanna get sick in Quebec.

(Yes, Mon Q, what a province!)

Geez, I wrote that text too fast. Sorry.

Here’s a link:


It’s a little low to blame that story onto the province of Quebec, and very low to try to associate it with another poster on the forum.

But maybe you are a dick.

LUMPY: I unfortunately live here. Do you?

I don’t trust french people at all.

Its too bad, but there really isnt much risk of the surgeon transferring the disease if any. Surgeons operate on patients with aids all the time.

The big issue here is not risk per itself, but mostly that people were never informed of the surgeon`s status.

Give me the information so that I can choose and sign a properly written disclaimer. Not letting me know after the fact. I think I have the right to be kept informed and to freely decide of my options. Its people lives theirgambling(educated and careful, but still a gamble) with. Can we at least choose thecasino`?.

I have yet to see what will happen if someone sues because they did get infected. My hunch? Out-of-court settlement, something like 10 000$.

Dont laugh about the 10K. Thats about the biggest thing that road-related-injuries-and-deaths government controlled agency pays here.

At least in America, people can sue the State`s ass off. Forget it here.