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Hitting Your Macros... Carbs and Bulking

Hello, reading these forums for quite some time and finding new awesome information everyday!
I especially appreciate the feedback from competitors and people with so much experience…thank you all for sharing. Btw, awesome debate on training topic.

Now to my question…how do you hit your carbs for the day?
This may seem like odd question, but when I enter all my daily food intake into fitnesspal, or I calculate macros by myself…only thing that does not let me reach my daily caloric intake are carbs (unless I eat some cake or some pastry).

Rice and oats are so hard to eat sometimes…what are your tricks to ingest 350 g of low glycemic carbs a day (goal IS bulking, but I still think that quality of carbs matters).

Thank you in advance.

I can quite easily get a bit over 200 grams of carbs from a 75 gram and two 50 gram serves of oats and three 100 gram serves of rice. I would think three 100 grams serves of oats and three 150 gram serves of rice would get you close to your target quite easily.

Sorry, not a trick. From memory pasta packs a few carbs, maybe more per unit than oats or rice.

Blend your oats up into a fine powder and add them to your shakes. They will be gone in seconds then!

also 2 slices of bread after each meal helps, pineapple juice is also pretty good at getting some easy carb in after training.

Depending on your leaness and whether you are actually gaining any weight there may not be any need to be so strict on clean carbs

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There’s no reason to keep carbs restricted to low GI sources throughout the day. Breakfast and post workout are the best times for high GI carbs. Additionally, you’re never eating carbs by themselves, you’re eating them with protein and fats, which slow digestion and therefor the GI.
Quality carbs most definitely matter! I am at about the same, 350g carbs daily. I eat 6 meals a day and split them up evenly. Here’s what I eat for carbs with each meal:

Meal 1 - Oats, bagel, ezekiel cereal or toast
Meal 2 - apple and sprouted granola
Meal 3 - rice
Meal 4 - Finibars (pre workout meal)
Meal 5 - rice, bagel, ezekiel cereal or toast
Meal 6 - cup of frozen blueberries and sprouted granola in my shake

So it’s about 50-60 grams carbs per meal. I was also having a hard time figuring out how to get all the carbs in without feeling so stuffed, fruit has been very helpful there.

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Sweet potato and beers.


Plazma/HBCD/karbolyn intra workout. Also will find need less carbs with meals to start seeing gains

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Thank you guys for great tips! Really appreciate it. Robstein and markko thank you for detailed answers.

Fruits sound like a great strategy that could help me hit carbs between big meals. Thank you!

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A little soy sauce on rice. Magic

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