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Hitting Weak Parts?


Hi, T-Folks, I am currently finishing up my first month of lifting. I have increased my ability to lift heavy overall. However, I have found out that I am weak at these excercises: Squat, Pull Up and Triceps.

I am wondering if it is a good idea to do my weak parts, 3 days per week (I am on 3 days program, 2 body parts each lift day)? Meaning, eventhough today I am doing chest and triceps but at the end of the all the chest and triceps sets I will include 2 sets of Squat and Pull Ups, and so on with other lifting days. Is it a good idea? will I be over-trained?


U serious? Overtraining? Do not worry about it at your stage . . in fact if I was again at your stage what I would do is something like this


Use any set rep combination you want 3x10, 4x6, 5x5

After you have completed 1 year of doing that workout and have built a strong base of strenght in your legs and back you can do a small specialization along the lines of this



DB Curls

2x20, 3x15 or 4x10 all work fine. Do that for 2 months and then go back to the maintenance routine. Alternate every 2 to 3 months and you would have completed your first cycle.

Dont forget the diet man!


You have been training for a month so your weak points are everything. Hit everything hard and after you have added a considerable amount of muscle and strength and have some more training experiance you can start worrying about weak points.


Thanks for the replies and tips. So like you guys suggest, I should do Total Body training hit all my major muscle 3 times per week for few months. After that, I can switch to more concentrated programs?


You're a walking weak point. I'd say pick one of Chad Waterbury's routines and follow it. His programs tend to be lacking direct arm work so if you want to add in a few sets of curls or pressdowns, I say go nuts. I have yet to see anyone overtrain because they did a few sets of curls at the end of their workout.


Or a year. Simply working out hard and pushing yourself in the gym is going to help those weak points. I'm glad you've made it a month and sadly thats longer than alot of people make it,but you have to look at this in the sense of a life long commitment. 5 years from now a month isn't gonna be a big deal.