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Hitting Tri's


Ive Been training for about a 2 years now, gone from 5'11 130lbs to 175lbs, started with Full Body workouts leaving me with a decent chest, back, legs but lacking arm size, been reading this site for a few months now and thought I would try an arm focused split to bring them up, if any one could suggest me some exercises to hit all 3 heads that would be great, looking to bring up the lateral head mainly. Any other general comments on the split would also be apreciated.

Day 1 - Chest & Tri's
Flat BB Bench Press
Incline DB Press
Cable Flyes
..... (Tri)
..... (Tri)

Day 2 - Back & Bi's
Cable Rows
Chest Suppported TBar Rows
EZ Curls
Hammer Curls

Day 3 - Off

Day 4 - Shoulders & Tri's
Seated DB Press
Seated Lateral Raises
Cable Rear Delt Flyes
.... (Tri)
.... (Tri)

Day 5 - Legs & Bi's
Leg Press
Leg Extensions
Leg Curls
Preacher Curls

Day 6 - Off

Day 7 - Repeat


I wouldn't try to focus on particular parts of the triceps at this point. Just get stronger on the big movements, i.e., close grip bench, weighted dips, DB extensions (either 1 or 2 hand), pushdowns, skull crushers, etc.


Not too sure why doing those exercises means he can't also focus on different triceps heads. Cable pushdown variations are a great way to achieve this.
That said, I didn't get stretch marks on my arms from actual significant growth until I dropped the CGBP and weighted dips and started actually isolating my tris.


Not really a full body program if it didnt hit all the parts of your body, eh?

Anyway. Have a day just for arms. Rotate between biceps and triceps done first week to week. Good luck

Pick one heavy press. CGP, smith CGP, reverse grip press, wweighted dips
Pick one over head extension or PJR pull over to work the triceps from a stretched position
And one regular extension. Ez bar, v-handle, rope

That takes care of all three heads.


Damn I think I could be neglecting a head. I'm doing an overhead extension and a regular extension on my arm day but training chest twice week so a lot of pressing. Would you say I still need a CGP movement even if I'm doing a shit load of pressing a week?

Also the rotating of which you work first, bi vs tris, why do you recommend this

EDIT: I always start with Bi's since my triceps are much more developed than my biceps.


I meant that he's not big enough to be, IMO, worrying about whether he's adequately hiting each head of the triceps. If he just goes in the gym and takes care of business with those exercises, he'll be fine for quite some time.


That may be working aganst you. Im always stronger when training my triceps after having a good biceps pump. But if you arms arent big enough for this to matter, it wont matter

If youre a triceps dominant presser than you dont need to do extra pressing for triceps. There are no rules for this.

The pressing and regular extension/pressdown are going to hit the same two heads really. Its the long head thats hard to target without doing a movement from a stretch position. PJR pullover is superior to overhead french press IMO.


Ok thanks.

My arms are just over 16 inches but I will see if rotating the order around makes a difference anyway.


zomg did some say triceps!!?


I'm a fan of supersetting bi's/tri's if training them on the same day. I feel stronger on both as opposed to doing them one before the other. Also really like the french press but I'll prolly try pjr's my next training cycle. I remember trying pjr pullovers once a while ago but just couldn't seem to get the form right and it was awkward getting into position. You/Gaylander and some others seem to swear by them though so I might give them a try again.

Also, that reminds me of this guy who used to work out at my gym who would do pullovers "for chest" but it looked more like pjr pullovers and he had ridiculously huge and out of proportion long tricep heads.


I do them on a bench that has something to hook my feet under or has something nearby to hook my feet under. You need to be anchored down to get the bar back behind your head low enough without falling off the bench. Thats what works for me, anway


Ever get hit where the tricep meets the elbow? I always hit my friends hard in that spot, the pain radiates up the forearm, really intense.


You know, now that I think about it the lying behind the head extensions that I do are very similar to pjr's, which seems to be what you just described there. I thought pjr's were done sideways on the bench with your ass hanging off using a dumbbell?


I do them with an ez bar. The very upper part of my back is off the bench, armpit level is still on the bench i think.

Dude your triceps are not lagging at all, whatever youre doing for your long haed is working.

I use the ezbar because its easier to handle. The dumbell is kind of dangerous I think. Because the movement requires loose form and some swinging. I dont want to lose the dumbell. Its easy to hold the ezbar


Ha, just making for some discussion.


Lol na I know. I just feel a bit silly when someone with better triceps than myself is saying theyre going to change their triceps routine. But broader knowledge never hurts


if u want overall tricep development. incline and decline skull crushers are great and overhead cable tricep extensions. but your triceps will also develop with powerlifting and olympic lifting. such as clean and jerk, snatches, deadlifts,push press, closegrip bench press, and wide grip bench press.


Best post in this whole thread. Nothing hits my triceps like deadlifts.


I hope this is semi-tongue-in-cheek, but for whatever it's worth, whenever I do deads it does dominate my tris for whatever reason.

Not that I'd ever consider that to be a staple of a triceps-building routine, lol.


All heads or just the long head? I flex my triceps during deads to keep my arms straight, but they don't get sore. Chinups and rows, on the other hand, aren't that kind to my long head. But they help it grow.