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Hitting the Road on Friday


For those of you who don't know, I recently had to stop doing mortgage due to licensing issues. Fortunately, I was able to immediately pick up a job tending a local DC bar, which has been FUN. However, even adding that income with the passive income streams from my other assets, I'm still not able to pay all the bills without dipping into my savings each month. Money talks and bullshit runs the marathon, I gotta find a new job. And there's no commercial electrical work in the area right now.

A while back there was a thread in GAL about jobs in the oil industry and it kinda got me thinking, "I can do that". (thanks to thethirdruffian and Bujo for all the helpful information) So after putting all of my affairs in order, I'm hitting the road. I'm driving down to Louisiana Friday morning and starting a week long certification class on Monday.

After that I'll be knocking on doors looking to get a job in the offshore oil industry. I'll be living in a tent and cooking with a Coleman stove during my job search. If I fail to secure an offshore job, I'll switch my focus to ON-shore oil rigs and start a cross country journey starting in Texas and making a big loop through the mid-west and finally up to North Dakota where I KNOW I can get some work, but where it's cold as shit.

I'm not sure how long it will take me to get a job, or if I'll even have to make the cross country trip - I might get a job right away (or even not at all). But no matter how it turns out, it should be a pretty fun adventure! I'm prepared to be gone for about eight to ten weeks and am prepared for ALL climates (yes, packing all that shit was a bitch).

I'm bringing my computer, but I'm not sure what my internet access will be or if I'll even want to be surfing the web all the time - I plan on doing a lot of writing in my journal and reading actual physical books... (gasp! LOL) So to all of the folks who regularly PM me for advice (and of course my regular online friends) please forgive any delay in responding to you.

Having said that, if anyone feels inclined to help a brother out and has any contacts (self, friends, family) in the Oil business I'd be grateful for any assistance in my quest.

Well there you have it! I'll check back before I leave, but in case I don't have time later, I just wanted to wish every one happy holidays.

While I'm away, remember to protect your seed, PIIHP, Squats and Milk, and all of the usual wonderful words of wisdom and advice found here on our illustrious online community. I'll stop in when I can, but for now I bid you all adieu!


Best of luck to you and enjoy the journey... :slight_smile:


I know a dude who quit his thirty year job as a millwright in a copper pipe factory to go to work in Mongolia for huge bucks. I believe he left a couple weeks ago. Big risk but big reward.

Good luck my man. We here know your tough enough to do it, now you just need a little luck and good fortune.


Damn Brother, that is one hell of a post. I wish you the best on the road and hope your trip is short and successful.

Stay sharp and watch your six.


I don't think you'll really need it... but good luck, AC.

I have no doubt whatsoever that you'll succeed, no matter where you go.

And, I have no doubt that your ego agrees 1000% :slight_smile:

Take care, bud.


Will your new career path be effected by your criminal past?


Oh adventure, I loves it.
Being on the road can be so fun.

I'm working on getting my class 1 drivers license(that's to drive the big trucks) so I may be on the road soon too. :smiley:

Definitely keep us posted on your journey if you can.

Some road songs.

and of course. :smiley:


Well the Canadian beaver beat me to Willie Nelson.

A field office in La. ought to scoop you up after your certs but remember the HG when you get to Texas. Or the Alamo.

Good luck.


As a rig pig? He's probably better off having a criminal record than a University degree in that line of work.

All kidding aside, on a land based rig it won't matter in the slightest. What you do is much more important than what you've done. On an off shore I can't say for sure. I know they are usually more sought after, so it might.




If you don't want to travel as far, hit up Range Resources, Anadarko, Consol Energy, or a gazillion other gas companies involved in the Marcellus Shale drilling.


HA! You Fuckin' Kerouac.

Hope you get the gig. One would surmise that lube & road kill will be in abundance.


I know there is work in the fraking enterprises in PA but can offer nothing more specific as a lead. Sorry. Just what I am hearing. Good luck and safe travels.


Hey AC,

I PM'ed you back. If all goes well with this well I'm only gonna be offshore for another couple days. Shoot me a resume, and I'll talk you up to the rig manager before I leave.

Give me a call when you get to Louisiana. If I don't answer then I'm still offshore.


Wishing ya all the luck in the world, Amigo -

it is fun to have the opportunity to re-invent yourself.

hang in there, and have a blast~


Well shit who knows AC I might end up doing your physical.

Turn your head and cough. :slightly_smiling:

Good luck man.



It's a real question and I'm sure one he considered.

I ask because I'm genuinely curious as to what sort of employment opportunities are available to people in his situation.

IIRC he said he left the mortgage business over the very issue I brought up.

FTR, I wish you luck in your new career AC.


Best of luck AC, I give you tons of credit for the resolve your showing.


Sounds like a good time. If you don't mind my asking, what'd you get arranged for your boys while you're gone?


My friend makes $300 a day laying a oil pipeline up in BC some place. He has NO experience they just want people willing to work and are clean from drugs.

But yes I'm sure like it is in BC for oil work, lots of it and they pay top dollar. Don't personally know you that well but good luck with the hunt man.