Hitting the Long Head of the Triceps

hi again, i was watching a John Rusin video where he was sitting on a bench with the cable machine behind him and using the rope grip to do an overhead tricep extension. is standing away from the cable rack and doing the same motion overhead also going to hit the long head as well?

Yes, it’s all about the position of the arm and the line of force application. I prefer the seated variation myself because in the standing one I tend to hyperextend my back. While it doesn’t make the exercise less effective for the triceps, it reinforce a bad postural habit.

Won’t and underhand pushdown also hit the long head??

That wasn’t the question though.

It does but not as well

Heavy partial overhead presses are one of the best ways to train it too, and so are Tate presses

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thanks CT… i usually do standing rope extensions but want to make sure i am getting all the heads