Hitting the Gym Twice a Day on Tren

Hey guys,

Im doing a tren/prop cutting cycle, 500mg tren ace and 400mg prop EW. Im 25 yrs, 110kg, 15%bf 6’5.

Can i work out twice a day or is it just stupid? Like, when ur on tren, and cutting, can u workout twice? by workout i mean two different body parts.

Never done tren. See how you feel with your regular" on cycle work out", and adjust if necessary by how you recover.

Of course you can… nothing else to do man? To study, a job? haha… but, you can work out twice, no problem. If you are feeling good, with energy, go for it… this over T thing is BS… already proved.

I only have two days off a week, on sat and sun i would do heavy stuff at 100pm then get groceries, come back and do high reps at other gym, accessories, go by how you feel .
If you start feeling burnt out back off, two a days are not an all year thing ,unless you are full time bodybuilder.
Then you workout am have a light meal rest workout pm , i am suprised Arnold Schwarzenegger did it, but he did . Plus on tren you want be as tired as possible at night .good luck