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Hitting Squat Depth


I have been working on my sqaut depth for a while to no avail. Recently I was talking to a freind who also used to have a problem with depth. He said to just relax and let myself go. I realized that I was getting nervous and stopping myself early. So i tried it for the past 3 weeks and my training partner already noticed a great improvment Im js shy of below parallel nw.

Where as before i felt that no fed would give me 3 white lights now i feel like the less strict ones would. Anyway I have also noticed that now I cannot reach depth till the weight is about 250 my max is around 330ish. I was wondering if any one else had this issue?


Don't just relax. You should be in control the whole lift.

Practice with lighter weights going to depth, and work on overall flexiblity.


If you're nervous getting that low lower the weight and get your depth - rebuilding your strength from that point up. Using a box or some stacked plates set below parallel is also a good way to train your body to know where depth is.


Then start over at a lighter weight and practice getting to depth. Do it for a while, couple months till it's engraved in your head that's the depth you need to go to.

Don't relax yourself, keep everything tight. Being nervous usually makes me miss reps.


A video would be better to see what is happening. Could be all in your head, could be technique. Committing to the lift is probably what you are doing now which you were not before.


If it takes you 250lbs to hit depth then I'd say your flexibility sucks.


Or in some loose gear - even then I don't know if I'd hit depth in my suit until 400 or so.



Do the prying, some stretching, some goblet squats, and some (light) front squats.

Every time you lift.


how often do you squat. since doing it every other day, my flexibility and form have greatly improved with little effort


have you tried squatting to a box?




Try stretching your piriformis- has solved a lot of issues for me. A good exercise for that is to loop a band around your lower back and then around both knees, placing one foot over the knee like this, but with a band and then pushing the crossed knee as far as it can go.


Stretch as above, Do you squat wide or close? I personally cannot squat too close or my heels feel like they will pop up. I prefer wide stance but you need to make sure and stretch or youll fuck your hips


Hard to say without a vid. Could be hip mobility, but like the others have suggested you should practice using a box at the depth you want to squat. And x2 on the goblet squats! Great for improving form.


1: go to mobilitywod.com
2: preform mobility drills
4: Profit.




Below Parellel of course :wink: