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Hitting Lower Heads of the Triceps

What do you guys think is the best to hit the lower heads of the tris?? I tried everything but dont feel anything really works well any ideas would b appreciated

What do you mean by lower heads, I know them as long, medial and lateral heads. If you mean down closer to the elbow, I’ve heard french presses and decline skull crushers do the trick.

When doing tricep exercises, I usually pick two, one of which being a compound movement (dips, close-grip bench, neutral grip DB press) and one that’s primarily a elbow extension as the movement (skull crushers, french presses)

For the record, when I say french presses, I mean these…also called overhead tricep extension.

Hope that helps.

I find that i get the best stimulation of the medial by

seated OH DB Extension (both arms, 1 DB)
Hammer grip pressdowns
Barbell French presses

But i have never really needed to ISOLATE such an area… it tends to grow in proportion to the other heads. For me at least.

I wouldn’t bother with hitting any different ‘heads’ of anything unless you are a very decent size with decent body composition.

I’m betting you are not the above judging by your post, sine there is infact no ‘lower head’ of the triceps. You only have your lateral, long and medial heads - 3 heads, hence the word ‘tri’.

If you want all over tricep growth you need to do exercises where you can feel your triceps working, and being able get blood into them (obtain a pump).

To start seeing what exercises works the best, i would recommend trying the following:

Tricep cable pushdown, using straight bars, v-bars, rope etc.

Bodyweight/Weighted dips between parallel bars. (I personally do not do these as they target my chest, fatiguing it before my triceps, but it may be different for you)

E-Z bar or straight bar Skullcrushers, flat or decline

dumbbell triceps extension, flat or decline.

One-arm dumbbell triceps kickbacks

close-grip partial bench press (partial reps in the top portion of the lift)

So try those exercises, see what works best for you and what allows you to really hit/fatigue your triceps.

Once again: Forget about hitting specific heads, it is a stupid idea and not necessary unless you have over 17" arms and/or are competing, and even then it probably won’t be necassery if you do the exercises I mentioned above.

Hand position…

Long Head-Lying EZ Curl Extensions, Skull Crushers, Close Grip Bench

Lateral Head-Kickbacks, Narrow Grip Pressdowns

Medial Head-Kickbacks, etc.

All Tricep exercises hit all the heads to a certain degree. I personall use DB Seated Extensions, Rope Ext., Rope Overhead Ext, Dips and Close Grip Pressdowns.

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