Hitting Homers, Macros and PRs

Hello everyone,
This isn’t an optimal time to start a log since I’m in the middle of a training cycle but I’m gonna give it a try.

Brief History: former fatty as a kid up through 9th grade. Have always played a bunch of sports. Specialized in baseball 2 years ago, good good 1 yr ago and better the past few months. I’m playing d3 ball this coming school year. Started lifting 4 years ago training seriously for 2 years. Optimally for 2 months (actually having a program and all that).

I’m 3 weeks into a lean mass phase after a pretty aggressive 6 week cut. Lost 13 pounds in 6 weeks while playing summer ball. Still had a very good season. Never cutting again anytime other than the offseason though. Now summer ball is over, so is my internship and relationship. my recovery capabilities are perfect right now until I start classes early next month and baseball later next month.

Current stats 6’1" 181
Body fat: 4 pack leanness. Not sure of % Don’t care either. Screw calipers. 33 inch waist. Whatever, you get the gist.
Deadlift- 370x1
Bench - 230x1
Squat-225x3 (pathetic) I need to work on mobility. Keep having to stop squatting because of hip pain. I know what I need to do, I just need to do it consistently to fix it
Weighted overhand pull-up: 210x5 (me + 30 lbs)
Overhead press: 105x5

Goals: 225x5 bench, 405x1 deadlift and a respectable consistent squat by New Years, while remaining at same level of leanness, injury free. My training is half for baseball and half because I like it for many other reasons.

Nutrition: currently at 180 pro 320 carbs 65 fat. This week is my high volume week so next week macros will be adjusted accordingly. Lower carbs, probably bump fat up a bit.

Supplements : Metabolic Drive protein powder, creatine, curcumin, fish oil, melatonin

I will start posting my lifting tomorrow

Almost forgot. Here is my split:

Day 1
Bulgarian split squat
Good mornings
Calf raises
Decline sit-ups

Day 2
Barbell rows
Seated rows
Ez bar curls
Ab wheel rollouts

Day 3
Dumbbell bench
Rope pushdowns
Rear delt raises
Rocky IV’s

Day 4
Snatch grip RDL
Reverse lunges
Stir the pots

Day 5
Weighted pronated pull-ups
Neutral grip lat pull downs
Underhand ez bar bent rows
Face pulls
Barbell curls
Hanging leg raises

Day 6
Overhead press
Incline bench
Dumbbell press
Overhead rope extensions
Rear delt raises
Side bends

Lots of volume low intensity right now during 1st 4 weeks of my program. Low volume higher intensity starting next Monday.

sup dawg

What’s up chobbs!

Push (vertical)
Overhead Press
80lbs x6
75 lbs 4x6
Incline Bench
125 5x6
Dumbbell press
30lbs 5x8 stupidly light, short rest
Overhead rope extensions 5x8 (learned these from Omar Isuf. It is my favorite tricep exercise right now)
Side bends
50 lbs 5x10

Solid workout. Hopefully going to hit 115x5 next week on the OHP. Shouldn’t be a problem once I lower my volume after this Friday

Gonna hit some weighted pull-ups tomorrow.

Good luck with college ball, man. Just finished my senior year playing D3 hoops. Awesome experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Some other former D3 guys with logs, so I’m sure they’ll be through to comment on yours, as well. Cheers!

Thanks, Mike.

Going to try EyeDentist 'a nutritional protocol today and tomorrow and see how I like it while still hitting my same macros. For those who haven’t read his log, he basically eats peanut butter and drinks coffee until his workout at 3PM, drinks a protein + simple carbs shake during his workout and then eats carbs/ lean protein the rest of the night to fill out the rest if his macros.

His rational is to minimize insulin spikes that come with eating carbs and protein away from the intra/post workout period by eating only fat and then utilizing insulin during the intra and post workout period. Makes sense and he has a very impressive physique so I’ll see how it works for me.

Vertical pull

Weighted overhand pull-ups
Me+30lbs x5
I wanted to do a few more heavyish sets of 5 but my drawstring back that I was using broke after my top set. My gym doesn’t have a weight belt so I continued my pull-ups with the weight squeezed in between my legs. Felt weird but I got the work in
Me+10lbs 5x6 me+5lbs 1x6
Neutral grip pull downs 5x10
Face pulls(kneck level to forehead) 6x10
Barbell curls

Eyedentist’s peanut butter+ coffee protocol is pretty cool. It’s a great feeling getting home at 5 after a workout knowing you have 110 grams of protein and 220 grams of carbs left even after my post workout shake. Might try this protocol for a while.

Forgot to mention: no underhand bent rows and hanging leg raises today. Wanted to save some energy for tomorrow’s ridiculously high volume deadlift day. Volume hoes back down on Monday while I hit 5 rep maxes on my lifts. No backdown sea on main ex decides and only 2 sets of assistance/ Iso work

295 3x5
275 5x6
A lot of volume but I built up to it. 1st week of the program was 295x5 then 275 2x6.
Snatch grip RDL’s
205 5x6 RIP to my hamstrings
Decline sit-ups 5x15
Hanging leg raises 5x12 (making up for yesterday).

Increasing the volume really snuck up on me this week. I didn’t realize when I wrote this program how tough week 4 would be. I’m glad I got through it. Anyway, I’m going to take the weekend off, delioad next week. Week 6 I will test my 1rep max on the bench and deadlift, 3 rep max on the pull-up and overhead press and 5 rep max on bent over rows. Not going to bother testing squats right now. I have to put some thought into how I will Deload next week. I will decide by Sunday and lay my plan out on here.

Took yesterday off and taking today off also. I’m understandably still sore from deadlifts on Friday. Since I am deloading I this week I have adjusted my macros to 180 pro 200 cho and 100 fat. About 200 fewer calories than last week. I’ll see what my AM weight is at Wednesday to see if I need to adjust . Hoping to still be at 181 by next week.

As for the Deload, For my main work I have decided to do 2x3 at what I hit for a set of 5 last week. No back off sets. For my assistance work I will do only 1 set at the same weights I’ve been using. An emphasis will be put on form and I will do a few more warmup sets than usual to practice the lifts. This is my first planned Deload so I am excited to see how it goes. Hopefully I will hit some PR’s next week at a lower body weight (9 pounds). Let me know if you have any advice(s)

Just got home from my first deload workout ever. Got in and out in a half hour. Felt weird

Bar x a lot
95 2x3
135 2x3
155 1x3
175 1x3
185 2x3 weight I hit for an easy five last week
150 2x3 weight I used for 5x6 last week
Db bench 50lbs 1x8
Rope pushdowns 1x8
Rear delt raises 10lbs 1x20

Going to hit my upper body maxes early next week and deadlift on Sunday. Going to do some “damage control” next week. Not much fat gain but haven’t done any conditioning or running in 5 weeks. After I hit my maxes I’ll do some rowing, KB work and sprints while bringing the fat/carbs down slightly. Oh yeah and also mobility work for the hips. As soon as the weeks over, I’m going to start CT’s 915 program. I already have the assistance work layed out I just need to have some maxes to calculate the percentages. I am considering using the front squat instead of the back squat. Will see which lift feels more comfortable once my mobility issues are sorted out. Will he doing a deload horizontal pull work out tomorrow (day 2 of my program).

One note on the nutritional side of things: no more peanut butter and coffee combo in the morning EyeDentist style. Doesn’t agree with my stomach

Horizontal pull
Bent over rows
125 2x3 hit 130 for 2x5 last week
105 2x3 hit this weight for 5x6 last week
Neutral grip pull-ups 2x6
Seated cable row-85lbs 1x8
Ez bar curls 1x12

Nothing noteworthy. Deload will probably be effective but it’s not fun or exciting. I have noticed my hunger drop like crazy so it is easier to hit my macros. My weight was at 180.5 this morning so I’m right on track.

Vertical push
Overhead press
100 2x3
75 2x3

Incline bench
125 2x3

35lbs dumbbells 1x8

Overhead extension 1x8

Rear delt raises 12.5 lbs dumbbells 1x8

No legs during deload. I’ve read its a good idea not to load your spine during a deload week. Going to test my deadlift On Sunday and upper body lifts (bench overhead press and pull-ups) on Monday

Vertical Pull deload
Weighted pullups
BW 1x3
Me+10 1x3
20lbs 2x3
10lbs 2x3
Neuteral grip lat pulldowns
70lbs 1x10
underhand bent rows
85lbs 1x8
Barbell Curls
70lbs 1x6

Deadlift test day 179.6 in the AM
225 2x2
380x1 15lbs PR at 10 pounds lighter
275x9 definitely a rep PR but only because I’ve never done high rep deadlifts before

No assistance. Went home happy with the PR. Off day tomorrow. Testing bench 1 rep max, bench 150xmax reps, overhead press 3 rep max, overhead press 75 lbs max reps, weighted overhand pull-ups 3 rep max, body weight neutral grip pull-ups max reps. Should be fun.

I lied. Did some light front squats today

Posting the video didn’t work. Trying again

380lbs deadlift from yesterday. Slight back rounding but pretty solid form in my opinion for a max.

Edit: these videos only show on computer I think. At least It doesn’t work on my phone.

What’s up dude! Fellow D3 baseball player checking in, looks like some good stuff going on in your log. Getting started up with fall ball soon? I take it you’re starting your freshman season? It’s a very glamorous life, let me tell you. $7 limits at McDonald’s or Subway if you get swept in a doubleheader, and Golden Corral or Pizza Ranch if you pull off the sweep :slight_smile: