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Hitting Every Muscle in the Back


Hello guys this is my first post here and I really found T Nation
Is 1000 time better than bodybuilding. Com
So I my back workout is wide grip pull down
Reverse grip pull down bent over rows one arm dumbbell row
Deadlift shrug

My question is I am missing any thing ? (Specially mid back because I feel most of my workout in my lats and uppers back) or should I remove reserve grip pull down or onr arm dumbbell row with cable seated row?
Thanks for help


I find the best exercises for mid back are:

-face pulls
-prone trap raises
-chest supported rows (really concentrate on pulling your shoulderblades back)

you might also want to add some rear delt work depending on hwo you structure your shoulder training.

Hope that helps!


I personally like ‘back shrugs’ for feeling it mid-back. Instead of doing a cable row, keep the arms locked and shrug back. Hold the peak contraction for a couple seconds. Try to pull your shoulder blades back and down as hard as you can each rep. Try for lower weight/higher reps to feel the muscles before going heavy.

Band pull aparts are another back exercise…


I like to switch up my back work every few months, but im a big fan of:
chest supported low-rows
meadows rows
rear-delt fly
weighted pullups


To hit the back, first thing is to learn how activate the different muscles; scapular adduction for middle traps, scapular depression with shoulder adduction for lats, for example.

After that, for me, the best exercise are:

  • one arm lat. pull-down (prone and hammer grip)
  • one arm dumbbell row ( let the dumbbell stretch the muscle with scapular abduction during eccentric portion)
  • one arm horizontal row on pulley

I thing one arm work are better than bilateral because:

  • you can have a better stretch of the muscles and a better activation
  • better to “feel” the muscle working (muscle / mind connection)
  • you are sure to add mass with symmetry, because you do exactly the same amount of work for each side.


[quote]zaidgta wrote:
So I my back workout is wide grip pull down
Reverse grip pull down bent over rows one arm dumbbell row
Deadlift shrug[/quote]
Seeing the sets and reps you’re doing would definitely give us a better picture of what’s going on. You probably don’t “need” two kinds of pulldowns, but I’d say having barbell and db rows is fine, depending on the volume you’re using, since they’re more different than pulldowns with one grip vs pulldowns with a different grip.

I’d also consider deadlifting first in the session. Some guys do like deadlifts last on back day, after “pre-exhausting” other back muscles, but put knocking it out first you’ll be able to really push the weight you’re using.

At 16 years old, you’re only missing time. You’re doing all the basic exercises and don’t need any special techniques. You just need to put in the consistent work to build strength and muscle.


this was my back work out today, for reference copy and paste, my actually weights are in my log, but omitted here
I have got a lot more out of contractions and light weight (comparatively) for back then pushing the weight on rows and vertical stuff.

Barbell rows one second contractions on work sets

Db rows sloppy as heck

pull downs (v grip pull downs are the GOAT, by far the closest thing to sex for my back)

Hammer strength machine (i hold these for time in the contraction, it sucks)

rear delt flys machine

rear delt db flys

cable cross over flys for rear delta


shrugs barbell and DB

What I’m trying to say is I generally have two rows, two vertical stuff, rear delts, some kind of work for the traps and lower back
it looks like you are doing so, so I think you are fine. If you worried about your mid back, add some chest supported rows or prone raises