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Hitting Calves w/ Weights for 1st Time


Hi all,

So far I've done bodyweight raises with high volume, and only dabbled in holding a DB during the lift - and it's gotten me to 18.1" calves with the heart shape, even at 22% bf.

But though I'm on a cut, it's time to ramp it up, so come Monday, leg day, it's a 10Kg bell in each hand (plus bodyweight) and moving up, should be interesting to see if those fellas will grow at all whilst cutting.


Your point. What is it?


cool story


sienk's avatar says it all.


Calf raises w/ 42lbs? dude it's not a max effort lift, use some light weights dammit


I'll never get the hang of all this olympic lifting lingo.


Can anyone help me with my calves?
Just decided to post on this one since its already up.
Everything is growing (at least somewhat) except for calves
Don't care a ton about aesthetics, I just hate being called chicken legs

I'm 5'11, 185ish.
I'm eating around 3500-4000 calories a day
Thighs are 25" after a workout, about 23.5 flexed but cold
but my calves are about 14"
I've tried calf work once a week, twice a week, and three times a week.
Each for about 3 months.
Am i not sticking to the programs long enough? Do i just need to wait? Poor calf genetics?
Any help would be appreciated.


strengthcomes1st - I've noticed quite a bit of growth when skipping my warm up sets for calves and going straight to the work sets, do two-three exercises 3 times a week and give it a month and see if you notice anything different.

calves take ages to build unless you have fankhouser genetics


Thanks, sounds good. Guess i just have to be patient. Damn...


Being at 22% body fat got you big calves. Fat people have big calves, it's science. Now I just need to gain 200 pounds for about 5 or 6 years, lose it all, and my stubborn calf problem might be solved.


not true, I got up too 240-250 last year(very fat) was able to run most of a basketball game and my calves didn't grow an inch.


It is true a friend of mine had 20'calves when he was fat and after he got thin they were still at 17's....


you have to be fat for a long time and It works best with kids. Fat kids who lose weight after the teenage years will more likely be left with larger calves. Unfortunately more fat cells would have been created as well.