Hitting Biceps with Rowing?

Anyone got any good ideas on how I could really hit my biceps while doing underhand grip barbell rows. I feel that I hit my back, but is there any certain movement where I could bring the biceps into the lift?

WHy would you want to do that? Sounds like a recipe for a biceps tear to be honest, if youre using decent rowing weight that is.

yes, why would you want to do that?

chin-ups involve more biceps than pull-ups.

i guess that translates to horizontal plane pulling as well.

most people have more trouble recruiting their lats than they do recruiting their biceps.

Just a thought to see if it would help the biceps grow at all, guess I’ll just have to up the weights while doing my biceps work. I just want to catch everything else up to my back, was having back problems so I was on a good plan for my back and it somewhat outgrew everything else, but I know if I stop working my back it’ll just got back to how it was. Thanks for the input though.


Curls, this bullshit of fullbody must stop.


There is nothing wrong with direct arm work.

Actually I think you should check out a thread titled:Another small arm thread. Good reading for you and might help you grow.

I’m too lazy to post a link as you were probably too lazy to search. lol No worries.