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Hitting a wall


I've felt like i hit a wall. The last couple of my weeks i've felt contsantly fatigued and have no desire to go to the gym. I have been sleeping on average 14+hours daily. That has led to some depression but it don't know why. I wondering if i have a slight case of anemia or low t-levels. Please any advice will help


Maybe you're overtraining.... you should post up how long you've been training without an off period,what type of training,...etc.

Give us some more info, this will make it easier for us to help out.


well I could be wrong, but it sounds like you need some time away from the gym. I hit this same wall about a month ago, I took a week long break both from my diet and training, and came back with a vengence. So far the results have been awesome, and the intensity is higher than it has been for quite some time. Breaks are hard for some of us, but certainly neccesary.


bigrjp59, are you dieting/cutting? When calories and carb intake is too low, you can definitely experience the symptoms you described; depression, low energy levels, sleeping all the time.

It's well worth getting into the doctor to get a check-up and blood work. Do it if at all possible.

Good luck to you!!!


Perhaps the depression could be CAUSING your lack of motivation and your sleep patterns. I agree with the others that overtraining might be a cause or perhaps a change in diet, but 14 hours a day of sleep is an extreme and I've seent his many times with people that are experiencing depression. Many other symptoms can be present that could be indicative of depression, but I'm sure you wouldn't want to discuss these here, though. Speak with your doctor. It's not unusual and many, many people go through it at some time in their life, generally without even knowing it's depression.


Are these the only symptoms you have? A friend of mine experienced this along with frequent urination, excessive thirst and hunger. Turns out he had diabetes and didn?t know it.


Another cause could be if you'd had a viral illness (cold) just before this happened. Sometimes viruses, if you keep working out intensely, can cause chronic fatigue syndrome. If that is the case, a break is necessary or it could last months to years.

Anyway, get to a doctor and rule out any physical causes.