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Hitting a Wall

Hi Guys,

Just like some advise/ opinions on something.

If i had to describe the feeling i have it is like i have hit my genetic potential, but i have read enough too know that with my girly numbers that is impossible.

The thing is i moved up with all my lifts starting with the bar 3 months ago, with very linear progression on StrongLifts and i was very happy with my progress, but it seems from one training to another i cant increase the weight anymore without paying the price in form. Literally when i add weight the form gets worse and when i take it off i can do good form again.

I’d like to add that over the years i had a similar thing with pullups, my max never got over 12 and i always sort of reached my top at around 3x 10 and stalled there untill i got injured or something which made me restart this circle untill i was back up to around 3x 10.

My numbers are :

  • Bench press stalling at 182 pounds (5x5)
  • Barbell rows if i go heavier than 155 pounds (5x5) my form deteriorates.
  • Squat 225 pounds (5x5) With ugly form on the last reps so i went back 10% and building back up.
  • Deadlift 231 pounds (1x5) I seem to be able to keep progressing on this one some more.
  • Press stalled at 110 pounds (5x5)

I weigh 158 pounds.

These numbers are way to low to have these problems right? Or are there other people that have had the same? Maybe periodization would work for me now? But i understood its way too early for that aswell. I get good rest and my diet seems to be on point aswell. (very balanced and i count almost every calorie and eat a decent enough surplus daily and get 100+ grams of protein every day)

The only thing i can come up with is that i would need a ridiculous amount of protein and that i somehow made progression up untill this point with too little protein because of beginner gains?
Yet i have read enough on the subject to safely say that at least theoretically i’m not supposed to bee needing anymore protein.

Maybe take a week off?