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Hitting a Wall w/ Fat Loss


I just had a few questions. I started cutting 4 weeks ago and just after 2 weeks i've noticed that I've hit a wall. My diet is low-carb with high protein and fat. I find that I respond best to keeping my carbs low. Anyways, the first 2 weeks I had amazing changes. Lost a few inches off my waist and even gained a little in my chest. At the end of the 3rd week I had zero changes and today is end of week 4 and still zero changes.

I know that the first 2 weeks were probably just a lot of water and glycogen loss, but I figured that I would at least drop a pound or 2 in the weeks after but nothing. In the mirror I look the same. I would estimate that I'm around 13%bf, but I wanna get down to 7 or 8 or so.

I even tried in the last 2 weeks to have one day where I load my carbs (kind of a refeed) to see if it will shock my body when I drop them again the next day. I'm finding that my body adapts super fast to any diet or even things that I change in my workouts.

I was just wondering what nutritional tweaks can a person do that can keep the body guessing so that my gains continue. If anyone is curious, this is probably a normal cutting day for me diet wise.

Wake UP:
1/2 Protein Shake before workout
Other 1/2 Protein Shake PWO
The shake contains a total of 52g of protein so adds up to 26g before and 26g after. I'm starting to add some gatorade to it this week to see if that enhances the effect of it.

Within 30 min of that PWO shake I have usually
3 eggs with Cheese on a Low Carb Tortilla
3hrs Later:
6oz of a Solid meat protein (either chicken, steak or fish) with a side of a green veggie
3 Hrs Later:
6oz of a solid meat protein (either chicken, steak or fish) with a side of a green veggie

Usually after those 3 solid meals I might snack on a string cheese or some nuts in between, but I try to be finished with my meals by 8pm.

Thanks if you read through all that and tried to make some sense of it.


Based on your current diet, if you are trying to get to 7-8%, drop the cheese/dairy and tortilla. Eat a handful of nuts every other day. No Gatorade. Get your total cals to 2k. Eat an apple when you start to go crazy. If you are currently at 13%, you will be eating a lot of apples. Good luck.

Also, when you stall again in 4 weeks, drop half your yolks and substitute steak for tuna. You may need to drop cals below 2k. We'll see.


height weight training cardio?

2 weeks of "dieting" is nothing, to think you have hit a fat loss wall already is stupid.


height weight training cardio?

2 weeks of "dieting" is nothing, to think you have hit a fat loss wall already is stupid.


x2, maybe it's another thing you're not saying here, like cheat days or something.


INCREASE ACTIVITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! steady state, fasted if you want, cardio in the morning and weight training latter works very well. also try to cut all carbs out, besides veggies, by 4.

are you counting calories?

if you must add the gatorade, use it PRE-workout.


i agree with MAF14 you should probably being doing some type of cardio whether steady state or HIIT. Also try writing down everything you eat and find out what your total caloric intake is and adjust accordingly to your satisfaction


"Eat a handful of nuts every other day"? WTF!! Where do you fucking people come from. lol




Two whole weeks, and you've hit a plateau already? C'mon man, you've just begun!

If you're losing inches already something is definitely wrong. You either were eating a tun of crappy food, and you've just dived into a healthy nutrition plan. Aim for 1-2 lbs a week of lost weight. Have you tried staying at your maintenance for 1-2 weeks, and then going back to cutting?

If none of this works your either not doing "enough" or not doing it "correctly".


-Are you saying that eating nuts aren't beneficial to ones' diet?
-Or are you just saying that someone is an idiot to say eating nuts every other day could contribute to an overall goal?
-or how the hell can someone say nuts ate in a interval of every other day could actually do something?

To the op: How did you come up with the assumption that nuts ate every other day is a good contribution? Why wouldn't he eat nuts every day? Is his nutritional intake to high in fats, and eating sparingly every other day is helpful?


please never post again unless you no what your talking about :wink:


read the "g-flux" article. it helped me a lot and it'll shed some light on the matter.

btw it looks like you're eating almost nothing. that might be why your body apparently adapts to everything you try. your metabolism will slow down. i tried an 1800 calorie diet at 200 pounds and it did not work at all. then i read g-flux, started cutting from 3000 calories and i have dropped fat w/ no muscle loss.


What I'm saying is DON'T listen to people like this. They are full of shit!

I'm glad that there wasn't an internet was I was young and impressionable. I've achieved many of MY goals and I've done it through consistency and finding what works best for me.

If I would have been constantly worried about staying at 12 percent body fat to gain muscle or being afraid to eat carbs, or listening to some asshat telling me to eat a hand full of nuts every other day. I don't think that I would have ever achieved shit!!

Don't get me wrong there is a lot of great information out there. That is why I come to this site. But, back in the 80's when I started this game the information being given out was quite different than today, yet many people achieved THIER goals.

It's all about consistency, experimentation and self awareness.