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Hitting a Wall 4 Weeks In. Is This Normal?

I’ve been following jim’s 20 week plan I found here on this site. I’m on 1.4 week 4 and I’ve felt like I hit a brick wall!!! My one rep for my TM felt heavier then normal and when I attempted the first joker set my body was like Nope!! Is this normal? I’m going to start the SSS program and thinking about lowering my percentages off my TM. I have added about 20 pounds to each lift though so far

I ran the same program once and I’m in 1.3 again. I’m feeling a little beat up now. But I’ve added a ridiculous amount of weight to my lifts. The first time I ran it I added 95 pounds to my deadlift. 60 to my squat. And 40 to my bench. I’d imagine it’s pretty normal to feel like garbage though. When I felt bad I just didn’t push the PR sets as hard and occasionally omitted jokers entirely. After I finish it this time im going to back off For a few cycles. I’m probably going to do a bodyweight template to recover a bit.

Yeah its normal. Just doing 1.1 and 1.2 then repeat, gets much better feedback