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Hitting a Vein, What to Do?

I don’t know if this is the right place for posting this but anyway…

What do i do if i hit a vein while pinning, do i just take it out and put it right back in to try again?

Or do i have to repeat the proces…so changing the needle swipe…?

Personally, I would take out the syringe and choose a new location and I would clean the new area and inject. You might even want exchange needles but that my be overkill.

I have never hit a vein in over 5 years of pinning. Where did you pin?

Ok thanks…
So better change it. Afterall it’ cheaper than ifection.
Yeah hard to hit a vein at butt, i manged it anyway :slight_smile: so buttlocks i pinn

It hasnt happened to me yet but if I aspirate and there is blood in the needle is the whole needle and product discarded?

No way I can pin my own ass so luckily my wife pins me most of the time.

If you want to try some place different with minimal bleeding, try this:

I actually use 4 sites…so butt and legs switching.
I didn’t pin like there is marked on the picture.
I pinn exsactly where “Rectus Femoris” is… probably nothing wrong with that.

I pin in the deltoid with a standard insulin pin. I used to use 25-22 gauge in the glutes but fack that lol. No need to aspirate in the deltoid and it doesn’t cause the scar tissue with the tiny pin head. Some gear has different oils requiring a thicker needle but the stuff I use is like water shoots straight in np.

Nothing wrong with it at all. I’ve pinned quads there a ton but i found that the upper site has a lot less nerves and veins

Ok, thanks man!

Nothing wrong with the product but I would change needles only because it has touched skin. Mine is just paranoia. I have never aspirated and was instructed not to. The Dr said there is no benefit to it.