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Hitting a Target

Hi All,

This is my first post, although I have been lurking for quite a while.

Started lifting about 8 weeks ago, and last night I hit the first target I set myself, and was so excited about achieving it that I thought I would find out what all my fellow beginners had set themselves as goals in the gym, and whether they have achieved it.

The goal I set myself when I started was to be able to deadlift over 300lbs for reps. Last night I hit 5 reps with 308, and am really happy.

I know thats not much weight compared to many on this site, but it was a big milestone for a fat, 30 something who last picked up a weight when he was 19!!

Congratulations! Keep kicking ass.

I think a 308 deadlift after 8 weeks is very good progress.
What was your starting weight?

Don’t know exactly as I don’t have my log on me at the moment, but I think it was 6x90kg (196).

I’ve always been quite big (fat but big built), and was a Rugby player and shot putter/javelin thrower when I was younger. I would think that I built a foundation of strength from this as a kid, and my body ‘remembers’ how to be stronger. Thats my theory anyway :slight_smile:

All I’ve done is make sure that I add weight every workout, and keep a strict log of what I have done.

To be honest I was expecting to only get 2 with 308, and was pleasently surprised I could do more. The final rep nearly killed me though!!