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Hitting A Plateau

Hi there,

Short sidenote: I’ve been running the original 5/3/1 for 2 years now. During those 2 years I’ve either hit rep PR’s or a 1RM PR, and never hit a plateau.

I’ve just bought 5/3/1 Forever and decided to go with 2 Leaders and 1 Anchor. Still not sure wich one, probably 5’s PRO and FSL, and something with PR stets for the Anchor.

I decided to do a 1RM Test Week before the new program.

Squat went from 192,5 to 200kg
Bench went from 140 to 145kg
Still gotta test Press, probably from 80 to 85kg

Now… the deadlift went from 215kg to 200kg. That’s
15kg less. I probably had a off day but still. Two weeks prior to this test week I had an estimated 1RM of 237. One week later it was 218.

My question is: what number do I use to calculate my new TM for coming cycles? 200? 218? 237? And why?

85% of everything you tested. Dont worry about the deadlift being too light i have found better progress with a lighter tm.

Retest the deadlift or just use 200

Guess I’ll go ahead and go light on the DL. Any idea why my DL went down? Bad day?

You can’t stay at peak strength levels all the time. Especially as you get more advanced (ie. can lift more weight per pound of body weight).

You will find that as you get stronger and hit PR’s you will have to reset and build back up again. Keep your eyes on the long term trends, like how much stronger you are now than a year ago rather than a month ago.

The iron game rewards long term consistency and patience.

Another thing you also need to consider is if you are doing something that is working. Perhaps your diet and sleep were off, maybe your TM is too high, the supplemental work you were doing isn’t best for you, or you are pushing too many variables at once. In any case always evaluate your training, reset your benchmarks, and start over then evaluate your progress.

Thanks for your comment!

I’m starting the new program this week, probably this:

Leaders - 5’s PRO, SST
Anchor - Beyond, 5x5@FSL

Anyway, that’s what I came up with. My goal is to get stronger in the big 3. Would you advice another type of template? Pervertor, God Is A Beast, Coffinworm and 5x5/3/1 Rhodes look good too. Aghh, can’t decide…

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Why not program each - one after another? For example there’s Pervertor leader and anchor temples so you could run 2 + 1 of that and then move on from there. It’s the only way to say how well they work for you

Good idea.

I’m starting with the program above. Than I’ll probably run Coffinworm or 1000% Awesome. What template did you enjoy the most or had the most succes with?

I enjoyed Pervertor very much, probably the most so far - I set PRs during the anchor and enjoyed the variety during the leader. At the moment I’ve just finished 2 leaders of BBS + SSL from page 130 in Forever and I’m doing a pretty standard anchor of 3/5/1 with PR sets and jokers followed by 5x5 FSL

Cool! Will try Pervertor next cycle

Did you stick to the BBB/BBS etc with your Deadlift?

Yes I stuck to the program with all the lifts. I’m not lifting big weights so it wasn’t too taxing - it was hard enough that I improved and had enough variety I’ll definitely be doing it again