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Hitting a Bench Plateau

What’s up everyone? i’ve been lifting weights for while now and things are going pretty good only i hit one of those pleatues were i don’t get gains. what should i do?

Ummm… lift heavier?

What the hell kind of question is that?

(… sorry… my tolerance for noob questions is not as high on Saturday)

change the weight, change the rep, change the exersize, change your diet, change the exersize order, add or remove sets, try one or all of those and i can say with 100% confidance you will make new gains

I could be a lot more helpful if you gave me more information. Are you stuck at 1 rep, 10 reps, db’s or bar, incline, decline, flat, etc… Gimme info and then I’ll be able to help you more.

Yup, some more info on your prob what you are and have been doing as far as training. Also diet have to look at that BUT being a newbie I dont think you have risen to a point where you have expended you genetic possibility to the point where you should be STUCK do to a diet tweek unless you are serverly undereating. Though you can sure speed progress by nailing a soldi diet.

Give us more to work with,

go on heavy weighted dips for 8 weeks…

Search 8 weeks to a bigger bench

or something like that, its by CT.

Change your lifting parameters up. If your current routine is higher volume(3x10 ect), then switch to higher intensity(10x3 ect) or visa versa.

Change things often to shock your body into new growth, never let your body adjust.

Yeah some more info is needed.

How long have you been working out and how long have you been at this plateau?

When was the last timg you changed your routine?

Give us some more to go on buddy.

Being stuck basically means one of two things:

A) You have a weak point somewhere, find it, train it up, and your bench will start going up again.

B) You’re not actually stuck, you’re just trying to add too much weight at the same time. Get a set of fractional plates and try adding 1lb at a time.

Change up the way you lift like everyone here has been saying. If you are doing linear periodization cycles, try swithcing to undulated or conjugated cycles for a few months.