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Chris or T.C. I remember one of you stating once that this site gets 1 Million or so hits a month! (DAYUM!!!).

Out of those, how many are post, replys and threads that you actually process and post? Also, what is the TIME committment to moderate a board like this? It must be a BEAR!

Just curious…and thanks for your hard work!

I don’t have the exact numbers, but the forum gets more hits than any other part of T-mag (because of its nature i.e. you may read an article once but check into the forum several times a day.) The Training/Nutrition forum gets most of the hits at over 50%. The Off Topic and Steroid boards are split about even at 25%.

Not sure how many posts we get a day, hundreds. There are many more “lurkers” than posters so a thread that gets ten hits may be actually viewed hundreds of times.

The T-forum is a big success that’s for sure. It’s hard to remember a time when it wasn’t here, yet it’s only about a year old or so.

I just like to formally say right here and now that I really hate my boyfriend for introducing me to this forum. I’ve been a reader of T-Mag since '99 and had never checked out the forums until Ko (boyfriend) showed me a post…and my world drastically changed.

Now the thought of NOT checking out the forum is....*hushed voice*...unthinkable.

The first step to stopping an addiction is to admit that you have a problem :slight_smile:

Hey Chris what is happening with this idea of being able to post pictures on the forum. I know it was being thrown around last year sometime.

I think this forum is great! I’ve learned so much, laughed so much, guffawed a lot, and quite frankly had really enjoyed it. I have tried to go to other fitness/bodybuilding forums, but none are as easy to navigate as this one. That’s probably what makes it so popular–information and accessibility. Keep up the great work!

haha patricia i feel you. i check the forum like 2-3 times a day. ill hit up the library in between classes just to check it out. and its great all these low t punks always look at me funny when im drinking a shake in the library and looking at a website that says ooohhh steroids.

Hi, my name is Jason Norcross and I’m a forum addict:) Just wanted to thank the whole T-mag crew and everybody that posts for making the forum the place to be.

I know what you mean. I work in a University. And everyone has been trying to “convert” me to soymilk. Whenever that happens, I hiss like a vampire being shown the cross. And flex my bicep. he he he.

Maybe that's what you should do next time you're checking out the forum in the library. Start flexing your arm and feeling your bicep. Play with the minds of them low-T college kids......

flex at them…hehe i like that idea. usually i just wink. the weird looks, however dont come in the library, but when i break out the ground beef, rice, fish oils, and bcaa’s in the student center. ive even had people ask me what/why i was eating my meal of choice!!

there is absolutetly nothing wrong with checking the forum 2-3 times a day. I am a college kid, Oklahoma University, and I check it whenever I have time in between classes. If checking the forum is wrong, then I never wanna be right!

I come on here when I’m at school & there’s always a couple people in the room who I have a class with & they say things like ‘you & your testosterone’ & stuff & there’s this girl who says I’m on here 10 times a day or something (I don’t come in here that much) like it’s a bad thing. At least she’s only super hot with big boobies, etc.

Oh yeah, FYI, the site gets around 40 million hits per month now. (The increase is directly related to starting this forum.)

Hey Chris - any idea how many individual people that equals? I assume that a lot of those hits are from the regulars checking into the forum several times a day. 40 Million is amazing though, but this site is worth it. Keep up the good work…-Jason Norcross

Not sure how many individuals that would be, but you’re right - if the same person logs on 5 times in one day, then that counts as 5 hits. Still, we were “only” getting a million hits per month about a year ago using the same counting system, now we exceed a million hits per DAY.