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Hitman Television Trailer

Hey guys,

I was thinking of posting this in “Physique and Performance Photos” because well, this is my performance. I don’t compete in any sports, although I’d like to one day try powerlifting or strongman.

I am an acting major at Emerson College and this group on campus called Emerson Independent Video is putting out a show called “Thursday.” It’s in real time, in the style of the show “24”, only it’s about hitmen. Obviously it’s most likely going to stay on the Emerson Channel, but what the hell?

Just curious what you guys think, I’m fairly happy with the trailer, although some of the sound stuff could have been better and at some times my acting was out of context or just somewhat poor. Waking up at 5:30 AM for 5 weekends doesn’t help.

If you guys like it, I can put up the teaser version as well.

I am in the grey shirt with the black leather jacket.


Good stuff. I’d like to check out the teaser, if you don’t mind.

Sure man.