Hitler is Pissed About Powerlifting

I love these Hitler spoof videos. Enjoy

and part 2

I saw this video about 100,000 years ago.

lmao, i was watching some of these the other day. My favorite is still the one where he gets banned from xbox live

WTF was that? holy shit that’s hilarious…did someone just re-write all the subtitles from Downfall, or was that just the most well-produced internet Spoof ever made? if it is, it kicks Henry 8.0’s ass all the way…

TBH,Im kinda pissed off people do that. Its a badass movie.

My favorite one is “Hitler Finds out UVA Sucks”

2:57 - “It’s ok, he doesn’t know you were a cheerleader there”


But then again, I’m a VT grad! :slight_smile:

[quote]Totenkopf wrote:
TBH,Im kinda pissed off people do that. Its a badass movie.[/quote]

this actually makes me wanna see Downfall more than i ever did before…wish my German was better. other than “The War is lost” i can’t tell whats really happening.

how many of these parodies are there?

Haha. That’s pretty good. Would really suck if one knew german though. I feel kind of stupid laughing at this because I took german in school ages ago.

That was kind of lame.
I saw better ones (XBox, for example) spoofed from that footage.

Yeah, plus Hitler hates “Hitler gets banned…” videos.

I meant for this to be in the Powerlifting forum. I figured it was more appropriate there. If one of the mods would move this to pl I’d appreciate it.

I lose my shit every time on the “Where is my foam roller?” at the end LOL.