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Hitler goes Prime Time

I need your opinion on this touchy topic.

In Canada, a 3-part movie (not sure of the number, but at least 2 guaranteed) about Adolf Hitler started airing this week on prime time (8 pm).

This is not a PBS style documentary. It really is like a movie, Adolf getting 95% of face-time.

In legal affairs, legislation changes as a sign of the times, in accordance to what judges think is now accepted by the mainstream population.

I have nothing special for/against Jews. I do not know enough of them, so I try to be as unbiased as possible without proper knowledge. I have some questions, though.

  1. Has society evolved enough to let people listen to movies about Adolf before the 9pm barrier ? (Reminder: violent movies or adult themes may not - generally - be broadcasted before 9pm to prevent kids from exposed to too touchy stuff)

  2. The movie isnt a documentary. In the first episode, you hear all the hate speaches that Adolf gave during his political ascencion. Why arent the PC and Jewish crowd barking? Sure you have Freedom of Speech, but I recall various interest groups barking for far less hateful agendas.

  3. Of all the topics/movies/themes they could choose, why this one? Nothing happens for accident in the media. What kind of message are they sending? Do they want to keep some activist group ideology (or some rogue part of the culture) alive?

I usually dont like using the termhypocrits`, but I guess the situation mandates the term here.

If one society is mature(?? for a lack of better word) enough to allow Hitler on prime-time, that same society should shut the hell up for minor PR thing afterwards.

Just my 2 cents.

I think it is good to have programs such as these to remind us of just what we as humans are capable of. We must never forget where we have come from so that we do not end up there again. P-22

I don’t know if it is the same, but a movie similar to what you discibed aired here in the U.S. in May. It was called “Hitler:Rise of Evil”. There was some talk of it prior to it airing and the ADL endorsed it. I saw part one of two and thought it was pretty good. It was not a celebration of Hitler and it was also not a total smear either. It was a movie that showed him serving in WWI, joining and becoming the NS party, and trying to overthrow the government and going to jail. It was not really sensationalized and was pretty entertaining. I was not surprised of it being aired in prime time on network tv because it’s a touchy subject. It just seems that by now, if it isn’t celebrating the nazis it isn’t seen a being too touchy or controversial. I was surprised they made and aired it because it just doesn’t seem to be a popular subject or a hot one right now. Usually they air things they think are going to be popular and make money, this doesn’t seem like one to me. Sieg Heil!(just kidding)

If it’s exclusively a Canadian thing (which it doesn’t seem to be) then there’s your simple answer: Racism is pretty rare in Canada. If it’s low budget, then it’s Canadian made.
OT-It was refreshing to go home for the holidays and watch bad TV (oh, and that one french channel:).

Back on track, I think we’re responsible enough to watch a show on Nazi-ism without getting all infulenced. These days the US is too focussed on the enemies abroad to start thinking that Hitler is a genius.

Actually, there is a strident neo-Nazi presence in Canada. It’s definitely looked upon as a social problem, but I’m not sure how significant the numbers are. After WW2, to see any number of organized, card-carrying white power types is alarming.

As for the Hitler movie:

  1. I don’t see any reason they wouldn’t broadcast the movie if it doesn’t glorify him.
  2. I don’t see any reason the movie industry wouldn’t use the subject matter–which people are understandably fascinated by–to earn some revenue.