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Hitler Finds Out His Exam is Cancelled


This is how I feel right now. Fucking snow.



I would feel bad but I have an exam tonight, one tomorrow, and two on Friday.


Is it wrong that I actually felt kinda bad for him by the end?



organic chem final in 3 hours, o god.


That is the only one of those I watched all the way through.. pretty funny!Two of my exams were rescheduled because of the weather.shit sucks..


And toronto has nothing on the ground.


This was a day and a half's worth of accumulation. Good times.


Good luck!!!!

(Orgo is the devil)




Yall have it easy.

I've got an Outdoor Recreation final on Saturday.


I have 10 exams in 15 days... ok, now 9 because of one being cancelled. I certainly DON'T have it easy.

So in reaction, I'm wasting time on TN :stuck_out_tongue:


Hope you did well. Ochem is such a difficult subject. I got a B in it this quarter. First B in over 2 years of college


The whole meme does not work for me because all I hear is the same German text over and over again.


Wowzers, that's a ton of exams! How many hours is that?

All I have to do is show up to my exam and I pretty much get an A. They joys of being a Recreation major...


They're mostly 2 hours each (except for one which is a short practical exam), so almost 20 hours! The joys of first-year dental school.


This was an excellent video.

All I hear about is the amount of snow piling up just outside of where I live. It's nice to live inside of a little snow-free bubble.


ROTG!!! That was awesome :slightly_smiling:


shakes fist


I know, right? It's got to be the best of the hitler vids I've seen.


I love German senses of humor.