Has anyone had sucess with HIT? I have been doing it for a little while now, and I have been experiencing great gains and muscle hypertrophy doing it as opposed to multiple set training. I am not knocking multiple set training at all, I know that it works perfectly well for some people, I was just wondering if anyone else had tried HIT, and if so, any sucess? Best of luck with your training?

I’ve been using variations of HIT for the better part of three years. Been good to me. I don’t do it so much for the results as the training time – just fits my life much better.

I do two full-body workouts a week, with a third peripheral day to hit any laggers (currently medial and posterior delts and biceps).

Workout A:
Ab work

Workout B:
Ab work
Bench press
“Reverse dips” – actually a dumbell movement that mimics the same motion of dips, but with the resistance in the opposite direction.

Other days are for cardio work.